Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pearls of Wisdom

We went into very few shops in Prague. 

I chose very, very carefully. 

My favorite, by far, was Ahasvar.
Sadly, I took no pictures, but you can find some here.
Ahasvar is a true feast for the eyes. 
Carefully chosen, cleaned and displayed. 
Beautifully curated in every way. 
Including the owner. 

I had a hard time at first. She's pregnant. Quite pregnant. 
Part of me wanted to run. 

The better part of me stayed 
and found my most treasured find from Prague.

These pearls are not real, but will be a wonderful reminder of a very real time. 
In Prague with my husband, wandering and wondering.

pearls of wisdom

There are 10 strands, each 48" (122cm) long, that's a lot of pearls. They are stranded, not knotted. They're are also heavy - the shop owner said they were glass - probably from the 60s. They look like they've never been worn. Well at least before I found them. They went to dinner with us that night. Doubled up (like the picture above) over a dark brown V-neck sweater.

I felt so elegant.

Pearl Collage

We also went into another "antique" shop. This one was chucker block full and not displayed very carefully. I had to move three lamps in order to browse through a pile of tablecloths and linens. But for the effort I was rewarded with four reasonably priced and cuttable pieces. Ahasvar has linens too ... oh, I wish I had taken a picture of her cabinet. So carefully washed, starched, ironed *and* tied with ribbons. Beautiful. Obviously her linens are the ones to buy and treasure. The ones I bought will be made into fun stuff including cafe curtains for our kitchen!

cuttable linens

Between the two shops I also found a book - "Conversational French" (in Czech!),
these very heavy forks, a few buttons and some cookie molds.

heavy forks ************
Many years ago my parents bought 5 sets of pearls. 
One for my mom and each of their daughters.

Then I came along. 
Uh oh. 
Now what? 

I'd always been told I would get mom's pearls.

Daughter 1 got married when I was 8 months old. 
She wore her pearls.

Daughter 3 got married and wore her pearls.

Daughters 2 and 4 got married on the same day. 
They both wore their pearls.

My parents flew to London for our wedding. 
No need to fly to the states. 
It wasn't a big deal, really?

Mom's pearls were no where to be found.
They were hunted high and low.

A phone call came. 
Two possible solutions. 

Daughters 1 & 2 were offering me the loan of their pearls for my special day.

I went for option 2 ... she was my godmother after all.
It made sense.

We got married. It was a hot day. A lovely day. Simple and true.

After a week's visit Mom and Dad flew home with my godson.

Then daughter 1 discovered her pearls were missing or misplaced.

Did I have them?

I never had them, never wore them.

Are you sure?

But I had to prove it. 
With a picture.
Snapshots from our wedding.

I am definitely wearing daughter 2's pearls. 
She put tiny gold beads between some of the pearls to make her strand longer.

I don't know if daughter 1 ever found her pearls.

Mom's pearls have never been found.
Maybe those pearls were never *really* mine.


But I do feel wiser.


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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

W.i.P. Wednesday

I've been blog reading for a few years now. You might say I was an addict. I LOVE seeing what everyone is working on ... I really really miss that aspect about my shop when I was in Mukilteo. It was a daily inspiration-fest. So I blog read. A LOT. I've "met" a lot of new people this way. Like Debbie. She's from Seattle. Go figure. In fact a lot of the blogs I read are from the great Pacific Northwest. Wouldn't it be fun to organize a big meet and greet next time I'm there. I swear there are some great bloggers, quilters, crafters in your neck of the woods. Some of us just had to move .. far away .. to Belgium. Where the craft is alive but on a very personal scale. Lots of little groups of 4-6 ladies. Not many of them blog. Whaaaah!

Oh boy, got off on a tangent there.

Oma Lena's Garden
do you see trouble ahead? ... alert ... ears lower left corner of photo ... read on
So, the point is that Debbie has been participating in a weekly WiP wednesday linky that Lee (from Wisconsin) has been organizing.

WIP Wednesday at Freshly PiecedI love the idea. And have decided to take the plunge and join them. Yeh, you'll see posts of new projects, ongoing projects, things on the back-burner. And stats .. hehe, you might - but they're scarey.

To get me WORKING on a WiP my plan is to pull out one and tell you about it. Then work on it for at least a few hours every Wednesday (and/or Thursday) ... then you can pop back by on Friday to read my new "What a Week" post and see how far I got. How's that? Fun? I hope so ... cuz this girl has got to finish some things!

Now .. what to choose. These are all a possibility ...

Lots of Fodder .. for WiP Wednesday

But so old, I'd have to get my head around them again. 

Pancake StackInstead I've grabbed Oma Lena from the work basket. I've promised my dear friend Maria to launch this BOM world-wide. It was just a little fun I started for myself and have shown it off from time to time but indeed rather sporadically. And there has been a lot of interest. A handful of ladies here in Belgium are working on it now. So I'd better get my skates on .. just a few blocks to go for a complete 32 ensemble. Then putting them together, adding a simple border and another pieced one before it's finished.

Still wondering what happened right after I took that pic in the garden?

Yep .. it was inevitable.

Lewis & Oma Lena

If there ever was a book about Curiosity .. it was written all about Lewis.

So stop by Friday to find out how much I *really* got done. 

~ insert very big cheeky grin ~

p.s. I say "a lot" a lot
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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

One House in Prague

I know you're waiting to see pictures of our trip to Prague 
.. they're coming .. 
but it's no easy task.

800+ pictures between the two of us. 
I walked around with my our new camera and a 55-250mm lens. 
Axel had a point and shoot that he loves.

This is what happened.

One House in Prague

I'm over the moon with the results. One thing I love about architecture is the abundance of designs that can be sew easily applied to quilting.

I walked around Prague like this. 

Quilter armed with Camera
isn't the brick wall behind me gorgeous!!!!???
Needless to say, my neck feels great ... now! Us quilters, knitters, crafters often spend too much time with our heads down and end up with sore necks and shoulders all too often. Grab your camera and go on a foray .. look up .. you'll be amazed by what you see. Inspiration you've never noticed before. And feel the better for it too!

Warning ... do not try this while walking in a big city the Netherlands. I highly recommend you plant your back firmly to a wall - or risk getting run over by bicyclists. I love the Netherlands! But there you / I have to choose. Watch the ground (for uneven cobblestones), left and right (for cyclists) and up (for amazing architecture). Trying to do all three at once is definitely a "at your own risk" situation.

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Monday, May 28, 2012

A very special Garden

Three months ago today our babies were born. 
They were four months too early. 
It all still seems so unreal, so surreal.

The day they were born was definitely the most difficult day of my life. 

It was also the most beautiful.

I became a mother. 
My husband a father.

There have been a lot of ups and downs since then but with each passing day I have found even more beauty in that day. You don't always recognize compassion, caring and love when you see it the first time in somebody you don't really know. But we were blessed with some of the most caring nurses I have ever met, an understanding doctor and a very young social worker who did her best to walk us through some very difficult decisions. She left us with a booklet to read through, things we might want to consider. Funeral arrangements, announcements, ways to deal with grief, etc.

I remember my first reaction. No way was I going to send out "blank" announcements - I still can't use the term that was in the book, suffice to say it is opposite of what new parents should be sending out.

My babies were BORN that day! 
That will always be how I remember and celebrate that day. 
As their Birth Day.

saskia & arne's seed packet

Strangely, I wrote the words for the seed packet 
the first week we were home. 
The card followed shortly after. 

We designed a card,
printed, cut and folded it ourselves.

We chose seeds and filled packets.

It's taken awhile to build up the strength to send them.

And we'd like to send one to you.

Your words and thoughts have been shared
and received with love and appreciation.
You have all given us so much support.

If you will drop me a quick line with your mailing address 
I would be so happy to put a card and seed packet in the mail for you.

It is a comforting thought to know that Saskia & Arne 
might be playing at your house, 
in your garden 
today ...
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Friday, May 25, 2012

WOW - this block packs some punch!

I sewed today. 

I decided that I needed to. 

Grab a project, any project and just sew for awhile. 

Just Take 2 seemed easy enough, after all that is why I started this quilt. But / Plus I am so far behind. There's nothing worse than joining a quilt along when you already have a ton of projects and then falling behind making you feel like you have another project that will never get finished. Although, honestly I don't feel that way about this one. That was never my intention. Something easy, that didn't require too much though. So I jumped right in.

A Lemoyne Star? Easy! I've done a bunch and it's went together easy peasy. Maybe a tutorial is in order ... I know I wrote one way back when for our Skills Building BOM. Hmmmm, might be time to dust that off and share ...

Anywhoo ... on to block two. How hard can a bunch of pinwheels be anyways? Well it helps to do the math right first. For some reason I don't have the patterns for installment 4. No biggy .. most are easy to figure out. Usually - as in unless you forget to add seem allowances. But once cut, it sewed up quick too so I could add TWO blocks to the pile for this quilt. And show you a pic of my progress.

Then I went back to see when I had last blogged about this project ... February 1st. 

I thought so ... oi vey. A rush of emotions. 


We had just passed week 19. 

I was pregnant and loving it. Things were going great.

Two days after blogging about this project we found out that baby number two was a boy. 

It was Arne. 
arne's feet

This was his quilt.

Right now it still is. 

Maybe someday it will be somebody else's.


We saw the doctor on Tuesday.

I went in feeling sick and frustrated.

I left that appointment feeling more confident than I have in months.

We are not giving up.

'nuf said.


I'm glad I sewed today.
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Thursday, May 24, 2012

We went to Prague

prague purchases

There is so much to tell, show and share.

Between us we took over 800 pictures.

He drove 2700+ kilometers (1675+ miles).

I slept very little.

We walked a LOT.

We ate some very very lovely food.

And enjoyed a wonderful bottle of wine.

I discovered Becherovka.

He smiled a lot.

I loved it.

More soon.
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Them (Barcelona) Skirts - modified construction

them skirtsThree! That's how many I finished before our vacation. It felt great to sew myself some clothes that fit. I have been putting it off for years - honestly! I bought this pattern and three of the fabrics (one still to be sewn) 3+ years ago.

The purchase of this pattern is a long story. Normally I would NOT pay $16 for a very basic pattern - famous designer or not. Long story short I was in a local quilt shop (not mine), liked a detail on the sample that was hanging up and *asked* if I could take a picture. Nope - had to buy the pattern and then still wasn't allowed to take a pic. Needless to say the detail they added was not in the pattern. Thank goodness I didn't buy my fabrics there. I haven't been back.

amybarcelonaSo back to the pattern - it's the Barcelona Skirt by Amy Butler. There are a bunch of reviews out there here, here and here. Most were done years ago when the pattern was new and I did look at them briefly just to see what people said - most raved. Yes, I bought fabric way back then. And zippers. But I was just stuck - on that picture. The one on the front of the pattern. Seriously - it looked awkward. It just didn't fit not like I was thinking it should. WHY would they put a picture like that on the front of the pattern?

Needless to say, it took me ages to bite the bullet and cut into my fabrics. But I am so glad I did. Now you should know I'm not new to garment sewing. I've made a fair share in my time. Mainly little girls dresses for my nieces and friends but also the odd grown up thing here and there. And for me it's all about the detail. And the construction. It should be finished and look nice, you know ... just in case you're skirt blows up and everyone sees how you made it.

I am also steadily loosing weight and after reading that the "waist" of this skirt sits at the mid-driff I was even more worried about keeping it on and up. Let alone feeling comfortable in it. But the advantage of below the waist on a plumpy like me is that there are fewer or no shaping (darts or tucks) needed.

So I got a tad bit creative. I wanted to be able to take my skirts in easily if when I loose more weight. AND I want to be sure they won't fall down.

Do you want to see how I did it? Or is that just boring? I'll just run through it quick and if you have questions you can ask, how's that? You can click on the pictures for a better bigger view.
  1. For starters I serged around every piece. Yes it meant fighting with my serger after many long years but it really made my skirts feel "finished."
  2. Sew up the back seam and put in the invisible zipper - google it. They are not hard. Trust me! (I also sewed up the back seam of the lining but didn't do the hand stitching around the zipper yet.
  3. Attach the front skirt to the front lining and the back skirt to the back lining. Press seam open.
  4. Add two lengths of ribbon  - one to each side. A third will be threaded through the front after the skirt is finished. 
  5. Pin the sides of the skirt together and sew the full length - from the hem of the skirt all the way through the waistline to the hem of the lining. When you get to the waistline backstitch (on the skirt fabric) a few stitches and set off again then about 1/2" into the lining backstitch again. This will allow you to open the side seam to run the ribbons through.
  6. Fold the skirt down over the lining and pin neatly at the edge of the zipper. Leave the ribbon hanging out the side. Top stitch a 1/2" away from the top edge of the skirt. You can see this best in picture ____.
  7. different construction
    step 3
    sewing ribbons
    step 4
    prep for topstitch
    step 6
  8. There is now a 1/2" casing around the top edge of the skirt. Pick open the side seam of the lining and use a safety pin to thread the ribbons from the zipper edge at the back to the side seam. Use a third (longer) ribbon and thread it through the casing along the front edge of the skirt.
  9. This is what inside will look like on each side - an easily adjustable waistline. Of the different ribbons I have tried in my 3 skirts I like the one-sided 3/8" satin ribbon best. But next time I might try some simple cotton ribbon I have - I think it will stay tied best. 
  10. The last step is to hem both the skirt and the lining. Have fun - add some detail. You never know .... I'm least happy with the rolled hem on the green skirt and *might* fix it some day but probably not. I top-stitched a tiny 1/16" ribbon along the hem of that lining. The floral skirt got a wide hem and the lining was hemmed with cotton lace and the wrong side of satin ribbon - my favorite! The turquoise skirt also got a simple hem. The obnoxious lime lining is hemmed with an orange gross-grain ribbon.
step 8
skirt hems
have fun with your hems!
So there it is - not short after all. But have you ever known me to keep anything short. Speaking of, I'm dying to try a few shorter skirts - just below the knee. I'll have to make a few more changes to the pattern but will follow the same construction so it'll be easy to take them in when I'm ready.

That's the brilliant part - I think - being able to take them in *easily*.  I'll I have to do is pic out part of that top stitching around the waist. Not all the way to the zipper, just far enough to be able to take in the seam along the side. Tapering in at the waist on both the skirt and the lining. Then re-stitch the casing ... yes, being careful to not catch the ribbon but there's no messing with the zipper or taking them apart along the top edge. Just adjust at the sides ... that is when the ribbons don't do they're job anymore. I'm thinking I can cinch them in for a while just using those. Making hmmm, have I really lost, gained or is it "that time of the month" easier to cope with.

me in my skirt

Yeh, ok ... I don't like the pic but I knew you'd ask. And most important - ignore the hair. A fly on the wall may have found me ~ the morning we left on vacation ~ in the bathroom, scissors in hand summoning my inner contortionist.

I'll try to have Axel take a better pic of the side - so you can see it really does fit. I am really loving my skirts and have been wearing them nearly every day. The cute new shoes help too!

So ... go sew! More soon, J


Via a fun coincidence I discovered 
(just 14 hours before it expired)
the Make it May 
Sew Along for Skirts! 

So I'm linking it up!

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Friday, May 18, 2012

Sexy Vacation Pajamas

Vacation - you know all about it. 

We're finally going on one. 
We're staying in hotels and at a friends house.

I came to one conclusion ...

must . have . new . pajamas

Honestly, honey hasn't had a pair in years. He'd probably kill me if I told you that all of his nightshirts have holes big enough to pass a dinner plate through. Seriously - how does that happen? The hole I mean.

I usually lounge around in one of three favorite t-shirts and one of the pairs of pajama bottoms my mom made me. Have I told you I've lost 20+ pounds?

Yeh, the farthest thing from sexy - holey and baggy pajamas.

back to that conclusion

must . have . new . pajamas

vacation pajamas

Something decent enough that if the fire alarm goes off in the hotel or we need to run to the bathroom at our friends' nobody is going to go run screaming the other direction.

There's a confession in here somewhere too. Honestly, why does my husband have holey pajamas when his wife is perfectly capable, owns a serger and has fabric in the stack that she bought back way back in the beginning. I made him one pair - right after we were married. They have Christmas tree balls all over them. He only wears them in winter and has always not-really-complained that the neck was a bit tight ... and, um ... the shorts were a bit short. Seriously, there's no excuse.

Axel's (Baseball) Pajamas

So first I ran back to the drawing board and made a pattern from his old pajamas while correcting those not-so-minor issues.  Then I whipped them up. They went sooo fast! As soon as we get back from vacation he's getting a second pair. Then I'm off the hook for another 30 years!

Axel's LAUGH Pajamas

Bummer - the neckline turned out a bit too loose, but I did cut it lower. And added a label because he was always putting the other one on backwards. It's a piece of LIVE * LAUGH * LOVE ribbon I bought last year. LAUGH was the first word I could get to. There's a matching tag in his shorts. He says they look like a baseball uniform. I didn't even notice, now all I can picture is him trying to play. Bahaha! Don't worry, he's laughing too. Baseball is about as hilarious to him as cricket is to me ...

Reminder to self to buy serger threads! All I have is white or navy blue.

But I promised you SEXY vacation pajamas!

You haven't seen mine yet!

I grabbed a commercial pattern for mine. Simplicity 3968. I'm not sure if it's still available but I did see a couple on Etsy. I kind of whipped up a pair of bottoms.

Waistbands always give me a headache. I started Axel's three times before I just left it, but I'll probably redo it when we get home.

I ended up doing a knit casing for mine. Used the same old T-shirt that I used for Axel's neckline so it's not a perfect match but it's soft and comfortable.

So you wanna see sexy?

Alexander Henry Collection 2005

The fabric is from The Alexander Henry Collection 2005. 

I was going to sexy up a t-shirt to wear with them but then I remembered I had this tank!

Sexy Vacation Pajamas

So there you have it!

Sexy Vacation Pajamas

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012


My heart is overflowing.


 More blocks have arrived and I haven't shown them to you.

This one is from an old customer from before I had my own shop and was working in a local NW chain. She lives in Arizona now. This is where it gets crazy! Kathy works in a quilt shop there, in walks a Belgian lady. They get to talking ... Kathy tells her about my shop. Said customer lives 20 minutes away but hadn't heard about me yet. So on Kathy's recommendation finds my shop when she comes home. The world just gets smaller and smaller.

But anywhoo. Isn't this block precious?
I can't tell you how much it means to me. 

And so unexpected. 

When the first one came I didn't realize what it meant.
That doesn't sound right. I understood the sentiment.
But I had no idea what was coming ...

I'm just stunned by everyone's generosity. 

Of their time, their lovely fabrics, their handwork and artwork.

Do you want to see more?

Troost Blocks

Row 1 : 1. Liliane v.I., 2. Blanche, 3. Angéle, 4. Joop
Row 2 : 5. Edith, 6. Marina, 7. Linda, 8. Marleen
Row 3 : 9. Christiane, 10. Betty, 11. Chris d.L., 12. Albine 
Row 4 : 13. Antoinette, 14. Dorothea, 15. Marlies, 16. Nonna 
Row 5 : 17. Mieke, 18. Carine, 19. Hilde, 20. Nicole

If you click on the maker's name 
you can see a larger photo of the block.

Troost Blocks

Row 1 : 1. Monique, 2. Kathy, 3. Philo, 4. Georgette 
Row 2 : 5. Shelia, 6. Eveline, 7. Marleen, 8. Bernadette 
Row 3 : 9. Linda d.R., 10. Marleen, 11. Dédé, 12. Liliane F. 
Row 4 : 13. Magdalena, 14. Bea, 15. Gillette, 16. Chris d.V. 
Row 5 : 17. Madeleine, 18. Danielle, 19. Andréa, 20. Kathleen

Most of these blocks came from ladies in Belgium,
many who belong to same guild in Gent.


I've been hard at work with a plan for a quilt that will be so treasured in our family. 

I hope to have the top done by the summer so I can start quilting it.

A couple of blocks are destined for pillows and / or a smaller wall hanging.

One block is missing. I goofed.

But I'm fixing it and will show it soon.
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Sunday, May 13, 2012

There was Cake

and sunshine

and smiles
Best of all ~ that smile that will always be able to melt my heart.
A few of you have asked if we were able to take pictures of Saskia & Arne.
Yes we did.
And as I take one last look tonight before going to bed
I am reminded that they both have his mouth.
His smile.

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Today is Axel's birthday.

It's also Mother's day.

My first.

Not his.

The music bar above is from Vltava, one of a set of six symphonic poems 
entitled "Má vlast" by the Czech composer Bedřich Smetana.

It is an amazingly beautiful and touching piece of music.

Nearly everytime we hear it Axel describes to me what the music portrays. 

I've never managed to capture it in his words but found this excerpt on Wikipedia.

The composition describes the course of the Vltava, starting from the two small springs, the Cold and Warm Vltava, to the unification of both streams into a single current, the course of the Vltava through woods and meadows, through landscapes where a farmer's wedding is celebrated, the round dance of the mermaids in the night's moonshine: on the nearby rocks loom proud castles, palaces and ruins aloft. The Vltava swirls into the St John's Rapids; then it widens and flows toward Prague, past the Vyšehrad, and then majestically vanishes into the distance, ending at the Labe (or Elbe, in German).

It's not short but you really should listen to it. Just close your eyes and let yourself go.

Trust me, it's worth it.

This music transports me every time.

I feel my heart quicken at the rapids,

my body sways with the breeze,

I dance at that farmer's wedding.


It reminds me of our journey through life.

Of the times and things that make our hearts beat faster, that make us run.

What makes us stop, stand still and listen.

What makes us yearn - even for the bittersweet.

We are spending the day together,
just the two of us.

Thinking about our two.

There will be tears I am sure,
but there will also be laughter.

There always is, along with a bunch of hugs.

A smootch or two or three or more!

And maybe even some dancing, who knows?

Of course there will be cake ...

the bestest yummiest moisty carrot cake ever!

It's his favorite.


Happy Mother's Day to you all.

For after all we have all mothered someone sometime somewhere.

From the children who look up to us,
to the brothers who chide us.

At one time we have all given of our souls as a mother would.

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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Gabi's Quilt - Embellished

So remember that little bit that I managed to salvage?

I trimmed it up a bit and ended up with this.

the save

Then came a thorough wash.

Somewhere along the line, I cut it at an angle.

Then basted in a border line.
And a spot for me to add my heart later.

Then it was passed in no particular order through our group in Mülheim.

- Angela - Elizabeth - Gila - Helga - Hildegard - Sigrid - Roswitha -

At last it was passed back to me and I added a few stitches here and there.

And we ended up with this!

made new again

Amazing - isn't it?

I love that you can still see some damage from the fire - upper left corner.

Gabi's beautiful hand quilting is there too.

a garden

And then all the embellishments.

Thick threads and thin.

Knots and flowers.


Weaving and stitching.

With love and care.

with love

Until it was framed and gifted back to Gabi  for her and her husband to enjoy.

Something ruined. Destroyed by fire. Left as ashes.

Restored, embellished and made more beautiful.

By our hands with our hearts for them.


The End

No Wait ... there's to be an epilogue!

Gabi just told me she's nearly done quilting the {recreated} quilt.

Maybe I'll get to see it when I visit.

I promise to take more pictures.

That is ... unless you're ready for a different story ...

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Gabi's Quilt - Recreated

Gabi's -original- Quilt

So armed with this one picture I set about creating and re-creating.

Patch by patch, block by block.

I scoured my stash. And put out a cry for help. Sooo many ladies jumped in to help. I received bundles of scraps from ladies in our guild here and Gent as well as a guild that Gabi belongs. Luckily Gabi had purchased some of the fabrics in my shop - that helped because I found them in my stash. I even washed and took apart some fabrics from those charred salvages. And since I had a few of her fabrics to wash after the fire ... well, I just snipped me a square here and there ~wink~ she didn't mind.

I was constantly referring to the picture I had printed out ... I even hung it on my design wall - twice! I usually had the picture open on my computer too, so I could zoom in and take a closer look.

copy cat

First one corner and then some more ...

the work

Somewhere along the way I stalled out ... I think it was the move.
Packing, loading and sorting two twenty-foot containers will do that two you.
I was worn out.

But that move ... the one to Belgium? ... totally worth it!

working with gabi

Gabi and I talked .. by now she knew it was coming.
Because we had surprised her with that bit I had salvaged.
I'll reveal that in PART THREE.

So we planned a weekend. A long one when she could come over and we could "retreat." Only rule was we worked on just one project - this quilt! But we were both sooo happy to do it. She cut and pressed while I sewed.  We laughed a lot.  There were a lot of yeses - nos - waits - maybes - some more yeses - and nos, followed by you're right! moments :)

Until we had this!

it's done

So here's a comparison ... almost uncanny. I am so proud of us!

Gabi's "before & after" 

Yes, it's not 100% ... some of it is decidedly different. When Gabi was here we also made some executive decisions to "improve" some corners. What is most obvious to me is that I was way off in the lower left corner. I just didn't have some of those rosey plummy rusty colors she had but all and all she was very happy.

And just for kicks I'll show you the back.

  the back is art 

A good pressing plan always pays off! 

Although I still had a few hiccups that I had to fudge along the way.

Don't go away ... PART THREE is coming soon.
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