Saturday, October 1, 2011

Oh October

You're here already ...
October is my favorite month! More life-changing events have taken place in October than any other month. Fitting, really, since my birthday is in October.

And this one is especially momentous .. I am turning 40!!! Not a big deal really, just always fun to celebrate those big even ones. Forty doesn't bug or scare me but I had hoped to celebrate in some special way. Maybe not after all .. it's a long story.

But it's going to be a busy month ... hang on and get ready for a great ride!

I managed to ring in the new month with a half hour of sewing tonight.

Konda's Star by Jovita's Patchwork Atelier
Konda's Star, a photo by Jovita's Patchwork Atelier on Flickr.

The pattern is Block 1 from the Fat Quarter Star Quilt Along by Moose on the Porch Quilts.

I reversed the light and dark, left the medium in the same place. Love the red background and alternating (ooops) B&W points. Not so excited about the kind of smudgy looking star in the middle.

The ooops is because I realized *just* in time that I only had 7 of the black and white floral pieces so quickly grabbed the polka dot to use for 4 of them. It's quirky but I think gives it great personality.
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  1. 40! No way - you're my perpetual 30 something friend... how can it be? Maybe you need to start a quilt where you make one block a year based on something significant that happened each year.

  2. Hey, you share a bday with my former bestie! I should always remember your special day...

  3. Love that block and the alternate spotty and floral pieces are wonderful!

  4. A very Happy Birthday to you Jovita, with wishes for a great year! That's a great take on the block, and I"m looking forward to see the rest!

  5. 40 is not bad at all! I turned 60 this year, what a neat block!


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