Monday, March 7, 2016

Flying By ... with an update and a craft

Oh, I've been AWOL - but you probably noticed. What I didn't realize of course is that it has been over a year. That does not mean I haven't thought about you ... and if you're on Facebook I've tried to pop in periodically to write an update or post a quick photo.

Things have been crazy, beautiful, busy, confusing.
Our little wonder just turned 3 years old. 
We are entering a new phase and momma is feeling more out of sorts than ever.

But first .. a glimpse at our little man ... and his very proud parents.

birthday 3

He's gotten crazy tall and walks with a funny relaxed gait.

He is incredibly quiet, sensitive and loving.

Finn likes to RUN and go FAST!

He loves to laugh, tickle and be tickled.  His sense of humor makes me laugh too.

He amazes me with his ability to take in the three languages (English, German & Dutch)
that surround him and he repeats everything he hears like a parrot.

This year Finn learned to ride his balance bike and a tricycle.

He is crazy about cars, autos, trucks, trains, trams and backhoes (baggers in German).

The day is not complete unless he has played outside rain or shine, cold, wind or warm.

He will point out a full moon versus a sickle moon or a half moon
(these phrases are all in German learned from his best papa).

Oh, and he LOVES butterflies! 

Momma might have gone a little crazy for his birthday and had a lot of fun decorating.

butterfly wall

Next week we are going on Finn's first train trip - a long one so I thought it might be a good idea to have a little entertainment with us. I decided to make a 'quick' memory game and of course Butterflies were the obvious theme ...

butterfly pairs

butterfly box

butterflies in tin

 .. and eventually I stumbled onto this and yelled jackpot. It helped that I speak German because I really had to hunt through to find the links to the PDFs, but if you're patient you can just scroll your mouse through the paragraphs and it will 'light up' when you hit them.  I used this for the reverse side of the cards. Printed single-sided on regular copy paper and stuck together lightly with a gluestick, I cut them out, rounded the corners and then laminated them.

I just happened to have the perfect size tin in the house so we are travel ready. Finn and I played our first game of memory today, matching up the pairs of Butterfly wings.  He loved it! I was surprised how well he remembered where they were.

butterflies in action

I ♥ this kid's hands!!!

I'll try to stop by again ... hopefully before another entire year flashes by.
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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

One Last Craft

Squeezing in one last project before Christmas. The idea is that Finn will know/learn that what's on this plate is ok for him to eat. We're still catering to wheat and dairy allergies (along with washing powder and anything out of a tin can) so Momma has been very busy making cookies he *can* have for Christmas.

Momma Made - Finn Approved

wheat-free, dairy-free
gingerbread men
This was a very quick, as in less than 15 minutes to draw with Sharpies on a dinner plate we already had, project. The colors changed drastically during the baking process. I'm not disappointed and actually think it's kind of cool they went all Christmassy on me.

my ridiculous looking
pfefferneuße - not Finn ok
My biggest hope for 2015 is that I can share you some of the things I've made this year. They are not many but I am proud of them. And maybe even get to tell you about how I did some of them. Most are not sewing related but they all made me feel creative and energized. Something else I look forward to being more and having more of in the New Year.

Christmas2014 TLF

And with that, I wish each and every one of you the very Merriest and Blessed of Christmases from our little farm on the outskirts of Gent, Belgium.

xox Jovita

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Heehee haha hoho

I'm a terrible blogger. I know. I'm sorry.

I do miss blogging. And I miss you.

I doubt that is any consolation ...

Slowly, very, very slowly things are coming together around here.

Our little guy keeps me busy.
Our little farm keeps me busy.
My big boy doesn't mean to keep me busy.
But he does.

I was ticked beyond belief to get a half hour to draft and sew.

Between little sleep and a tummy bug, it needed to happen.
Autumn has arrived and it was time for a hat that keeps Finn's little ears warm.

It was absolutely thrilling to walk into my studio and find the perfect fabrics.
Better yet, it matches all three of his shoulder-season jackets  
I tend to put it on like a slouchy hat ... 
But when I picked him up from school today he was sporting a different (but do-able) style 

... and a big fat lip. 

Poor little guy rolled his car. 

*** The title is in reference to a 'Jim Knopf' episode ... Let's pretend the dinosaurs are dragons, ok?

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