Tuesday, May 15, 2012


My heart is overflowing.


 More blocks have arrived and I haven't shown them to you.

This one is from an old customer from before I had my own shop and was working in a local NW chain. She lives in Arizona now. This is where it gets crazy! Kathy works in a quilt shop there, in walks a Belgian lady. They get to talking ... Kathy tells her about my shop. Said customer lives 20 minutes away but hadn't heard about me yet. So on Kathy's recommendation finds my shop when she comes home. The world just gets smaller and smaller.

But anywhoo. Isn't this block precious?
I can't tell you how much it means to me. 

And so unexpected. 

When the first one came I didn't realize what it meant.
That doesn't sound right. I understood the sentiment.
But I had no idea what was coming ...

I'm just stunned by everyone's generosity. 

Of their time, their lovely fabrics, their handwork and artwork.

Do you want to see more?

Troost Blocks

Row 1 : 1. Liliane v.I., 2. Blanche, 3. Angéle, 4. Joop
Row 2 : 5. Edith, 6. Marina, 7. Linda, 8. Marleen
Row 3 : 9. Christiane, 10. Betty, 11. Chris d.L., 12. Albine 
Row 4 : 13. Antoinette, 14. Dorothea, 15. Marlies, 16. Nonna 
Row 5 : 17. Mieke, 18. Carine, 19. Hilde, 20. Nicole

If you click on the maker's name 
you can see a larger photo of the block.

Troost Blocks

Row 1 : 1. Monique, 2. Kathy, 3. Philo, 4. Georgette 
Row 2 : 5. Shelia, 6. Eveline, 7. Marleen, 8. Bernadette 
Row 3 : 9. Linda d.R., 10. Marleen, 11. Dédé, 12. Liliane F. 
Row 4 : 13. Magdalena, 14. Bea, 15. Gillette, 16. Chris d.V. 
Row 5 : 17. Madeleine, 18. Danielle, 19. Andréa, 20. Kathleen

Most of these blocks came from ladies in Belgium,
many who belong to same guild in Gent.


I've been hard at work with a plan for a quilt that will be so treasured in our family. 

I hope to have the top done by the summer so I can start quilting it.

A couple of blocks are destined for pillows and / or a smaller wall hanging.

One block is missing. I goofed.

But I'm fixing it and will show it soon.
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