Monday, April 2, 2012

The Lost Month .. in between Stolen Hours

Chatting with a friend (a week or so ago) about a project we want to start in June
it became apparent that an entire month has gone missing. 

I started counting on my fingers, then she pointed out that April was
just two weeks away .. two weeks?!

In the meantime it has arrived. 

No! Um, yep. 

Geez, an entire month has gone by ... it's hard to explain how or where.

But there has been some of this going on ... in between ...

Oma Lena's Flower Garden

Seeds for Oma Lena's Flower Garden

Oma Lena's Flower Garden is an English Paper Piecing BOM I designed years ago is beginning to see the light of day.

In the stolen hours of March I've been working on the pattern - available with it's paper pieces. If you'd like more information just let me know ... I'm working on all the Q & As now. 

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1 comment:

  1. Maybe it's a good month to go by quickly. Love the colors you chose for your English pping.


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