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I’m a native of the Pacific Northwest (USA) and am happily married to the love of my life.  Axel is originally from Germany so you’ll often finding us jumping back and forth across the pond to visit friends and family.

My love for fabrics and creating things began at a very young age as I watched my mom sew work shirts, wedding clothes, play clothes, swimwear and even underwear for myself and seven siblings while my dad worked, gardened and bartered to feed his brood at home.
As a result of their amazing inspiration, I am surrounded by craftsmen: everything from woodworking to ceramic art, tole painting and cross-stitching to knitting and more – oh, did I mention quilting?  My mom and four sisters are all quilters.
I also love to garden and to cook and bake, but hate the clean-up and can really get lost in a good book - especially if it’s a historical novel but only if it’s based on true fact.
When I’m not sewing, I’m dreaming up a new design for this or that, updating the shop’s website, sitting with a cup of coffee on the porch staring at the garden with a blank notebook next to me ready to jot down, scribble or draw the next crazy idea whether it be a quilt, something to paint on the wall, a sketch of a newflower bed, something “to do” or a note to a friend . . .
. . . you get the picture right? . . . my brain never stops!
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  1. Good luck Jovita, keep up the good work. I like your website, I came over it, by luck through facebook.

  2. Thanks Marthese, your friend request came through this morning - of course I accepted! Greetings from Belgium, Jovita

  3. I love the block you sent for Layer Quilt with Moose on the Porch. I am having a hard time viewing the actual pattern because it printed in Yellow and doesn't show up well.
    Where do I post my blocks for the raffle. I have had allmine on the Flickr account and none seem to be getting viewed. Am I suppose to post them somewhere's else?

  4. Dear Shortyz Quilts, I'm not sure if you'll see this or not but if you'll send me an email I'll do my best to answer your questions. Kind regards, J

  5. Hi! I'm new in Brussels and searching for other quilters/crafters but am having trouble getting started. I'm delighted to have come across your blog and look forward to reading more!

  6. Hi Aisling, I just wrote you an email but then realised that you're a no reply blogger. Darn, I'd live to meet you. Feel free to call, email or stop by .. I know how hard it is to find crafters with the same interests when you relocate. I lived in England for three years and struggled with finding friends my age who shared m interests. Over the years I've learned that the "my age" part is the least important.


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