Monday, November 15, 2010

Good NEWS!

Well ... no news must be good news, right?  I was shocked to see that I haven't blogged since the end of September.  October flew by in a flurry here's a peak of what it looked like.

It was full of FIRE!!  Of a variety of kinds. The most important being the one someone lit under my butt!  My friend, Liz, and I started a mini swap and I whipped up hers in the first two days ... now it needs quilting so I can't show it until that's done, and she receives it in Arizona - I'll share as sooooon as I can.

The 2nd FIRE relates to this very old post.  The good news is that Gabi's replacement quilt is finished!!!  Done and dusted.  It truly deserves it's own post so I'm afraid you'll just have to wait a tad bit longer.  But I promise the waiting will be very worthwhile.

FireThe BEST FIRES are the one that leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy!  We hosted our (fifth??) annual Harvest Fest on October 30th complete with our now (long-standing) traditional drop donuts and apple cider.  Home-made pizza and really cute leaf cookies that I forgot to take a picture of rounded off the menu.   For me the best part was that the husband count was up to FIVE ... fun was had by everyone.  You can also see more photos of the evening here.

November is nearly half over and yes, even I will begin the countdown to Christmas.  This year we are determined to enjoy the holidays to the fullest - decor, baking, visiting, gifting, hoping and celebrating.

Yesterday we painted another 1/3 of the living room so it will be ready for decorations.   Sadly there is another 1/3 and a bunch of curtains to go.  But it's a start.

So, you see, no news IS good news when it comes to me.  Things are very busy in the shop between new product arrivals and LOTS of classes.  Which of course means lots of prepping and sewing.  I have a million things to show and share and just as soon as I can I will.

Today I spent clearing more dead wood out of my office.  Anything that won't be needed, touched or wanted before Christmas is getting boxed up and put in the closet.  Biggest note to self: stop dropping everything on the sewing table so it's easier to sew!!!

got dots?

By the way the Great GOT DOTS Quilt Along is going great - many ladies here in Belgium are participating and I hope to share pics of their blocks when they bring them in the shop.

Part 2 of the quilt-along will be released soon - stay tuned!

And PS ... if you've sent me an email or message but haven't heard from me, please bug me!!!  If you're waiting for more info about shipping costs for the owls - don't hesitate to bug me as well.  I've had so many appointments the last months that getting to the PO seems like an insane possibility.  Hmmm, but I *must* go to the bank to *finally* pick up my bankcard sooooo it's very likely that all of that could happen tomorrow ....

So I'll be back soon ... I haven't forgotten you and really miss your comments and thoughts ... so feel free to share any here ...

xox Jovita Pin It Now!
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