Monday, February 12, 2007

Winding Up and Winding Down

I think we’ve finally found it!  Our sofa, I mean.  It’s been quite a search and I’m sure that  I’ve looked at at least a thousand.  Huge shops full of every possible different style.  From leather, to “classic” Belgian, from uprights to loungers and some very modern designs.  But I thought we had clinched it when my friend Lisa and I stumbled across this sofa.  Lisa modelled so we could show Axel exactly how big it is . . . 12 feet long in total (see as he is 6′ 8″ – bigger is always better) . For perspective, Lisa is as tall as I am - this photo has not been digitally manipulated
Well after we wiped always all the tears of laughter and picked ourselves up off the floor, the hunt continued.  And in perfect form, Axel settled on the very first sofa that I looked at! It’s simple and believe it or not has comfortable loose cushions.  That was the one thing I knew I wouldn’t consider.  Hah!
Axel’s now in charge of the ordering and  it should arrive just in time for my next visit in May.  So one household chore done.  Of course, with the move, came quite the list but we’re slowly ticking them off.  Am quickly painting the living room before a leave . . . a lovely “blueberry stain” color . . .
My last class in Koblenz last weekend sadly brought this teaching season to a close.  It was wonderful to see everyone this side of the pond again and we enjoyed a variety of topics from Amish to Silk Ribbon Embroidery and a classic Feather Star to Crazy Quilting.  We’re all now gearing up for their May visit to Schellebelle for a Patchwork Day in my garden and a Quilt Show which will take place at Diehl’s Hotel (Koblenz) in October.
So this is where I feel like I should be sitting on the shelf of a toy store . . . as I wind down things here, making sure I’ve left things in good order . . . I’m also starting to wind up for everything coming over there.  
I can hardly believe that by the end of this week I’ll be back Stateside!  I am really looking forward to seeing everyone.   Our skills-building block of the month meets this very weekend followed by our first “Willowtree Sisterhood” gathering on Saturday at Shawn O’Donnell’s in south Everett.  Join us from 12noon onwards to see and feel all the new products that have arrived since December plus the wonderful imports from my suitcases.  
                                    Until this weekend ! ? !       Jovita
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Thursday, February 8, 2007

Of Ribbons, Fabric and Sofas!

Last week I visited our very lovely Ribbon Factory in Germany and bought lots and lots of new ribbons for you. They had some lovely new designs plus some old ones in new colorways (see the Wild Rose pattern). We’ve also changed the structure of our ribbons so the price is per inch and you can purchase anywhere from 3” lengths.
I also have some new Westfalenstoffe in my suitcase, which does coordinate nicely with much of the new ribbon. Be sure to stop by our booth at the Quilters Anonymous Show – March 16th – 18th to see some of the wonderful things we’ve made from these.

This week, after recovering a bit, I returned to De Potterije, my local shop here in Lokeren. It’s a lovely shop with a wonderful mix of houseplants, flowers, quilting and gift items.

A few of you asked for pictures, so here you are. Check out their website scroll across the topbar to see more shots of the shop.
Some of you have seen the Amish 9-Patch Exchange that my group of students in Koblenz was working on – well I realized too late that I’d have to sew another two rows to make it long enough for Axel’s very long legs. De Potterije had just the right rose that I wanted to put between my 9-patches. We carry the same rose, but a different dye-lot and it’s amazing the difference it made.
The search didn’t end there today. It was followed on by a search for a new sofa for our living room here. Not an easy task I must say. First there is the difference in styles – living in a different country will do that. But then there’s once again the question of Axel’s height. Well seven hours, six shops and many photos later. I think we’ve narrowed the search to two that he needs to test drive. It would be nice to know that is sorted and he’ll sit comfortably while I’m winging my way back to the states.
Of course, the week would not be complete without work on the website and a bit of stitching. We’ve added more books, reworked the ribbons and written more descriptions for some of the batiks. I’ve appliqued a bit more on my Home Sweet Home blocks – including a few new blocks I’ll add to personalize my quilt. Axel’s father has drawn for me our new home here in Schellebelle, the house were we lived in England when we got married, the shop with it’s willow tree and the house I grew up in in Everett. It will be so nice to have these added houses to make this my own quilt and I look forward to sharing the finished blocks with you.
In the meantime, from our home to yours I wish you a lovely day!
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