Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Gabi's Quilt - Destroyed

Remember when I said we'd be stopping by my friend's house on the way home from our vacation. Well that reminded to check back and see if I ever told you about her quilt.

what was left

Yeh, I never told you ... what became of that quilt. Well I told you it had burnt. I showed the one and only picture to be had of it before the fire (see below). And yes, what you see above - that's what was left. Just as I picked it up from the floor of her apartment. Discarded but surely not forgotten.

Gabi's -original- Quilt

You see this was a very special quilt. Gabi had used scraps of so many of her projects in it. She was in the process of hand-quilting in a sweet little peach-threaded meander (that she had drawn herself to work wander perfectly in one corner and out the opposite corner of each block.

Her husband had asked for the quilt. He hadn't done that before.

gabi's back

 Gabi was taken aback when I asked if I could take those charred remains with me but I did it. Brought them home. Cut off the worst of the black and threw it all in the wash.

I managed to save one corner and I'll tell you what became of that in part 3.

The first thing I needed to find out was if any of our gang had a picture of her quilt before the fire. Luckily, yes, just that one you saw above and this one of the back.

The story continues ... in part 2 ... coming soon.
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  1. I am looking forward to the next part of the story! I love a story with a good outcome:-)
    I saw the photos in your Flickr photostream, so I know this is very special.
    It's absolutely fantastic that you can save something from a quilt that was so destroyed!

  2. Excited for the following posts!

  3. I love stories like this!! Say Jovita when I was much younger I lived in Mons Belgium. We loved it there....lived in an old chateau...so many wonderful memories. Looking forward to part 2!!

  4. I was never much of a chapter book reader. . .could you just give the outcome fast!?


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