Thursday, October 16, 2014

Heehee haha hoho

I'm a terrible blogger. I know. I'm sorry.

I do miss blogging. And I miss you.

I doubt that is any consolation ...

Slowly, very, very slowly things are coming together around here.

Our little guy keeps me busy.
Our little farm keeps me busy.
My big boy doesn't mean to keep me busy.
But he does.

I was ticked beyond belief to get a half hour to draft and sew.

Between little sleep and a tummy bug, it needed to happen.
Autumn has arrived and it was time for a hat that keeps Finn's little ears warm.

It was absolutely thrilling to walk into my studio and find the perfect fabrics.
Better yet, it matches all three of his shoulder-season jackets  
I tend to put it on like a slouchy hat ... 
But when I picked him up from school today he was sporting a different (but do-able) style 

... and a big fat lip. 

Poor little guy rolled his car. 

*** The title is in reference to a 'Jim Knopf' episode ... Let's pretend the dinosaurs are dragons, ok?

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