Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pearls of Wisdom

We went into very few shops in Prague. 

I chose very, very carefully. 

My favorite, by far, was Ahasvar.
Sadly, I took no pictures, but you can find some here.
Ahasvar is a true feast for the eyes. 
Carefully chosen, cleaned and displayed. 
Beautifully curated in every way. 
Including the owner. 

I had a hard time at first. She's pregnant. Quite pregnant. 
Part of me wanted to run. 

The better part of me stayed 
and found my most treasured find from Prague.

These pearls are not real, but will be a wonderful reminder of a very real time. 
In Prague with my husband, wandering and wondering.

pearls of wisdom

There are 10 strands, each 48" (122cm) long, that's a lot of pearls. They are stranded, not knotted. They're are also heavy - the shop owner said they were glass - probably from the 60s. They look like they've never been worn. Well at least before I found them. They went to dinner with us that night. Doubled up (like the picture above) over a dark brown V-neck sweater.

I felt so elegant.

Pearl Collage

We also went into another "antique" shop. This one was chucker block full and not displayed very carefully. I had to move three lamps in order to browse through a pile of tablecloths and linens. But for the effort I was rewarded with four reasonably priced and cuttable pieces. Ahasvar has linens too ... oh, I wish I had taken a picture of her cabinet. So carefully washed, starched, ironed *and* tied with ribbons. Beautiful. Obviously her linens are the ones to buy and treasure. The ones I bought will be made into fun stuff including cafe curtains for our kitchen!

cuttable linens

Between the two shops I also found a book - "Conversational French" (in Czech!),
these very heavy forks, a few buttons and some cookie molds.

heavy forks ************
Many years ago my parents bought 5 sets of pearls. 
One for my mom and each of their daughters.

Then I came along. 
Uh oh. 
Now what? 

I'd always been told I would get mom's pearls.

Daughter 1 got married when I was 8 months old. 
She wore her pearls.

Daughter 3 got married and wore her pearls.

Daughters 2 and 4 got married on the same day. 
They both wore their pearls.

My parents flew to London for our wedding. 
No need to fly to the states. 
It wasn't a big deal, really?

Mom's pearls were no where to be found.
They were hunted high and low.

A phone call came. 
Two possible solutions. 

Daughters 1 & 2 were offering me the loan of their pearls for my special day.

I went for option 2 ... she was my godmother after all.
It made sense.

We got married. It was a hot day. A lovely day. Simple and true.

After a week's visit Mom and Dad flew home with my godson.

Then daughter 1 discovered her pearls were missing or misplaced.

Did I have them?

I never had them, never wore them.

Are you sure?

But I had to prove it. 
With a picture.
Snapshots from our wedding.

I am definitely wearing daughter 2's pearls. 
She put tiny gold beads between some of the pearls to make her strand longer.

I don't know if daughter 1 ever found her pearls.

Mom's pearls have never been found.
Maybe those pearls were never *really* mine.


But I do feel wiser.


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  1. Ooh those pearls are beautiful and very elegant!

    I'm to get my great-grandmother's pearls someday. They will be very cherished! I hope the missing pearls turn up for your family.

  2. My dear, I always feel there is energy in a piece of jewelry, in any object infact, the energy of the person who owned it before. I don't think you'd have been happy with your mother or sister's pearls. These pearls are yours and are truly beautiful!!!! I wish you many years of happiness with them!!! Love always, Joy XXXXX

  3. Beautiful pearls and a great way to get "your" pearls. I was to receive my mom's engagement ring which had a really beautiful diamond. In her 70's, she took the ring into a shop to have it cleaned (after years of cleaning it herself). The guy switched the wonderful diamond with a fake. She was so embarrassed at what happened that she did not tell us until years (and 2 strokes) later. We will never really know what happened because after the strokes, communication was difficult. I'm happy to see that you have resolved your jewelry story.

  4. Life continues to be different than we expect it to be...those twists and turns always "work out" somehow....into being as they were planned by someone or something we don't know but who apparently holds the cards to our lives.....I am not religious, but spiritual....and have found every negative I experienced in life allowed me to be prepared for the joys and negatives to come.....and they do.


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