Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Feeling Your Love

My goodness, it has been a week. Full of every emotion. We have laughed and cried, sobbed and grinned ... but more than anything we have been filled with love ... and astonishment as emails, cards and comments have poured in from around the world. 

From friends and loved ones, from acquaintances, correspondents and from many many people we have never met.

We have never met ... and yet you send your love and thoughts, prayers and hugs ... and we have felt and continue to feel everyone one of them and your arms around us.

We've been knocking around our house ... getting up in the mornings (the hardest part of the day for me), stumbling through the day, staring into nothingness, packing up and sorting - maternity clothes and baby things that need to be stored, returned or passed on, cleaning house and eventually falling into bed (the hardest part of the day for my husband). 

We've had each other to lean on and the days are punctuated with many many breaks to hold one another.

Today I woke up with a mission ... to turn this beautiful quilt block into a sachet filled with lavender to store with the knitting I had begun and the yarns I had bought to knit even more for Arne and Saskia.

You see, it was in a card from a friend here. And I thought a sachet would be a useful way to preserve the thought, the quilt block and my knitting. 

I was all set ... and then I checked the mailbox. 

Full again of more cards, letters ... and quilt blocks. These three came today.

Oh my ... words fail me ...

I can only say Thank You and know that it will never be enough.

Thank you to each and everyone of you who have kept us in your thoughts and prayers. 
Who have taken the time to comment on Facebook or my blog. 
Who have shared a special piece of music or a poem. 
Who have sent a card. 
Who have sat down at your machines or on your sofa to piece a little bit of love into a block for us.

Thank you.

We are feeling your love,

and our words fail ...

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  1. I love you, Jovita. Know you are in my heart every day. Deb Vosburgh

  2. It is just because we love you both. You gave us friendship and love and now we can return some of it to you.
    Els Bitter


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