Friday, May 18, 2012

Sexy Vacation Pajamas

Vacation - you know all about it. 

We're finally going on one. 
We're staying in hotels and at a friends house.

I came to one conclusion ...

must . have . new . pajamas

Honestly, honey hasn't had a pair in years. He'd probably kill me if I told you that all of his nightshirts have holes big enough to pass a dinner plate through. Seriously - how does that happen? The hole I mean.

I usually lounge around in one of three favorite t-shirts and one of the pairs of pajama bottoms my mom made me. Have I told you I've lost 20+ pounds?

Yeh, the farthest thing from sexy - holey and baggy pajamas.

back to that conclusion

must . have . new . pajamas

vacation pajamas

Something decent enough that if the fire alarm goes off in the hotel or we need to run to the bathroom at our friends' nobody is going to go run screaming the other direction.

There's a confession in here somewhere too. Honestly, why does my husband have holey pajamas when his wife is perfectly capable, owns a serger and has fabric in the stack that she bought back way back in the beginning. I made him one pair - right after we were married. They have Christmas tree balls all over them. He only wears them in winter and has always not-really-complained that the neck was a bit tight ... and, um ... the shorts were a bit short. Seriously, there's no excuse.

Axel's (Baseball) Pajamas

So first I ran back to the drawing board and made a pattern from his old pajamas while correcting those not-so-minor issues.  Then I whipped them up. They went sooo fast! As soon as we get back from vacation he's getting a second pair. Then I'm off the hook for another 30 years!

Axel's LAUGH Pajamas

Bummer - the neckline turned out a bit too loose, but I did cut it lower. And added a label because he was always putting the other one on backwards. It's a piece of LIVE * LAUGH * LOVE ribbon I bought last year. LAUGH was the first word I could get to. There's a matching tag in his shorts. He says they look like a baseball uniform. I didn't even notice, now all I can picture is him trying to play. Bahaha! Don't worry, he's laughing too. Baseball is about as hilarious to him as cricket is to me ...

Reminder to self to buy serger threads! All I have is white or navy blue.

But I promised you SEXY vacation pajamas!

You haven't seen mine yet!

I grabbed a commercial pattern for mine. Simplicity 3968. I'm not sure if it's still available but I did see a couple on Etsy. I kind of whipped up a pair of bottoms.

Waistbands always give me a headache. I started Axel's three times before I just left it, but I'll probably redo it when we get home.

I ended up doing a knit casing for mine. Used the same old T-shirt that I used for Axel's neckline so it's not a perfect match but it's soft and comfortable.

So you wanna see sexy?

Alexander Henry Collection 2005

The fabric is from The Alexander Henry Collection 2005. 

I was going to sexy up a t-shirt to wear with them but then I remembered I had this tank!

Sexy Vacation Pajamas

So there you have it!

Sexy Vacation Pajamas

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  1. Love them! I usually just wear sweats and a tee. Time to get something better than my 1990's high school gym shorts (and in case you were wondering, no. They most certainly do not fit like they did then. ;-))

  2. woot woot it will probley be you and Axel starting the fire!! Maybe Axel's PJ's have all the wholes from your ripping them off! Oh I can't wait to see the vacation pictures and hear of the adventures

  3. Love your p.js! I still have my Granfather's and my Dad's pjs and they are the softest in the world! Love wearing them around the house all year round.
    But new jammies are always fun and yours are super! Wish I could sew wel enough to make jammies....
    Have a fab holiday!

  4. Thanks for the blog post buddy! Keep them coming... casino


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