Wednesday, May 30, 2012

W.i.P. Wednesday

I've been blog reading for a few years now. You might say I was an addict. I LOVE seeing what everyone is working on ... I really really miss that aspect about my shop when I was in Mukilteo. It was a daily inspiration-fest. So I blog read. A LOT. I've "met" a lot of new people this way. Like Debbie. She's from Seattle. Go figure. In fact a lot of the blogs I read are from the great Pacific Northwest. Wouldn't it be fun to organize a big meet and greet next time I'm there. I swear there are some great bloggers, quilters, crafters in your neck of the woods. Some of us just had to move .. far away .. to Belgium. Where the craft is alive but on a very personal scale. Lots of little groups of 4-6 ladies. Not many of them blog. Whaaaah!

Oh boy, got off on a tangent there.

Oma Lena's Garden
do you see trouble ahead? ... alert ... ears lower left corner of photo ... read on
So, the point is that Debbie has been participating in a weekly WiP wednesday linky that Lee (from Wisconsin) has been organizing.

WIP Wednesday at Freshly PiecedI love the idea. And have decided to take the plunge and join them. Yeh, you'll see posts of new projects, ongoing projects, things on the back-burner. And stats .. hehe, you might - but they're scarey.

To get me WORKING on a WiP my plan is to pull out one and tell you about it. Then work on it for at least a few hours every Wednesday (and/or Thursday) ... then you can pop back by on Friday to read my new "What a Week" post and see how far I got. How's that? Fun? I hope so ... cuz this girl has got to finish some things!

Now .. what to choose. These are all a possibility ...

Lots of Fodder .. for WiP Wednesday

But so old, I'd have to get my head around them again. 

Pancake StackInstead I've grabbed Oma Lena from the work basket. I've promised my dear friend Maria to launch this BOM world-wide. It was just a little fun I started for myself and have shown it off from time to time but indeed rather sporadically. And there has been a lot of interest. A handful of ladies here in Belgium are working on it now. So I'd better get my skates on .. just a few blocks to go for a complete 32 ensemble. Then putting them together, adding a simple border and another pieced one before it's finished.

Still wondering what happened right after I took that pic in the garden?

Yep .. it was inevitable.

Lewis & Oma Lena

If there ever was a book about Curiosity .. it was written all about Lewis.

So stop by Friday to find out how much I *really* got done. 

~ insert very big cheeky grin ~

p.s. I say "a lot" a lot
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  1. Oh the WiPs can get a bit overwhelming at times can't they! Good on for you for starting to sort them and get them finished! Such beautiful blocks!

    Loving those pictures at the end! Too funny!

  2. lol. Belgium must be so cool. I too am a blog addict. I check my blog list as much as I check the newspaper every morning and night. It is wonderful to read about you and see someone else has as big a WIP stack as I do. I will check back on you on Friday to see progress. We have a long weekend coming up here so I will try and do some sewing myself - see, you have inspired me!
    P.S. Lewis sounds like my Flash. He can't get in his own way quickly enough!

  3. Welcome to w.i.p. Wednesday! I find it very motivating, and hope you do too! I've seen blocks similar to Oma Lena - and yes, my are they popular. Good luck with your progress this week. Good to touch base again!

  4. Love your kitty Lewis...great name. I'll be watching your progress. I love following blogs as well, but before I'm finished my day is almost gone....grin.

    Here's to someone making progress....giggle....because it's not me.

  5. I love Oma Lena and can't wait to see more!!! I love your WIP mosaic!


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