Morning Stars

Morning Star, Morning Bright

Below you will find direct links to blocks that are officially part of our block of the month as well as blocks we have found around that net that fit into our theme - the Morning Star quilt block.

You are welcome to add a link to a block on your blog or elsewhere on the net as long as full cutting instructions for a 12" finished block are included AND it fits into our theme. These will be moderated and inappropriate links will be deleted.

 When adding links please be sure the link goes directly to the post where the pattern can be found - don't link to the entire blog. Also choose a clear photograph of just that block so the images are clear in our list below.

In December you wil have the opportunity to vote for your favorite blocks of the program.
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  1. Hi, I love Block 1-Morning Star Block and I can print it. I tried to print Block 2 -Make Mine Double and Block 3 -Fat Quarter Stars Block One and I can't. A box comes up saying page cannot be found. Can you tell me why? It's so confusing and frustrating because I really want to make blocks 2 and 3 too!! Thanks so much. I will wait for your reply. Cheryl

    1. Dear Cheryl, you are a no reply blogger so I do hope that you come back to see that I have answered ... Link #2 & 3 are to Block 9 for her Fat Quarter Stars Quilt Along and Konda designed Block 1 - both work great with Morning Star, Morning Bright. Both links work this morning when I checked so I hope you'll be able to print the patterns. If not let me know and I'll see if I can help you via email. Kind regards, Jovita

  2. Are there any more blocks for morning star, morning bright?



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