Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Cheer & Challenge Revealed

This last Tuesday was our annual challenge reveal in Mülheim . . .  what a wonderful day.  The picture above was a peak through Gila’s studio window as we gathered around a merry table to chat, stitch and share.

We all took home a little pile of fun and festive things.  Here’s a peak at what stood
before me on the table.  Everyone brings little “goodies” - a few of “us” hadn’t but will make up for it in a new year.

This year many of us did bring yummies to share and we feasted on a gorgeous and very festive beet salad with apples and walnuts, smoked trout, a cheese board and variety of bread plus broccolli salad and pumpkin pie from the Goldschmidt kitchen and of course cake - to celebrate Gila’s December birthday.
Gila also unwrapped her birthday blocks - this year we each gave each other one block following a set of guidelines, I’ll tell you more about those later in January.  Our challenge next year is to do actually do something with the blocks . . .

The culmination of the day was to “reveal” our challenges for this year - our theme was “CRAZY.”

Unfortunately, I had a bit of a “where is it” problem.  With all my to’ing and fro’ing, I couldn’t the piece I wanted to use.  It was a Christmas-themed crazy in Reds, Greens and Golds.  I had made tons of progress and wanted to finish it off in an unusual way . . . but lo and behold - I could not find it anywhere.
Searching through my studio I was berating myself out loud and at one point mumbled “this is just plain crazy, there’s no way I have time for *another* project.”  Well, that thought led to another and the phrase “Just Plain Crazy” stuck in my head big time.  So . . . yes, I started another project.  Of course this is as far as I got.  Of course, there was quite a chuckle as I pulled piece by piece out of my basket.

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Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas is Coming

. . . and the goose is getting fat!

It would help if the silly goose didn’t keep tasting all the yummies she’s busy baking. But, it’s so hard. It’s at this time of year that I get all those yummy flavors that I miss from home . . .
  • Molasses & Gingerbread
  • Anise - I put extra into my Pfefferneuse
  • Cornbread - for my stuffing of course
  • Pumpkin Pie and all kinds of spices
and mmmmm, yummy moist Fruit Cake that I can hardly waiting to slice into. Color me weird if you want to but I LOVE FRUIT CAKE.

However, I am picky, it can’t be too sweet and absolutely must be very moist.  What can I say - my mom made the best!  Actually she made two recipes - a “Light one” and an “Inexpensive One.”  The latter being darker and moister, gooier and full of raisins and candied fruit.

The recipe is below - give it a try, you never know. You might like it - or love it like I do.

I also thought I’d update you on my Festival of Trees that we’ve been doing as a block of the month. It’s been fun, very and so popular that it will be back next year!
Reserve your space now – then choose to pick up your fabric kit or have it shipped to you in January. Just $60 for all twelve months, including the fabric for the top, binding and the pattern.  Quilt finishes approximately 40” x 48”. Designed by Barbara Brackman & Karla Menaugh,

And here’s a sneak peak at my challenge entry for the group of friends in Mülheim (Germany). The theme these year is “Crazy.” We’ll see how far I get on this. “Sew little time” right now with Christmas preparation and patterns-writing for the shop. Our group reveal is this coming Tuesday . . . wish me luck!

Mom’s inexpensive Fruitcake

2 Cups raisins or mix of raisins and dates
2 Cups Sugar
2 Cups Water
5 Tablespoons Butter or Margarine
2 Teaspoons Cinnamon
1 Teaspoon Cloves

Mix above ingredients together in a medium saucepan and simmer for 10 minutes.

Allow to cool, then add:
3 Cups Flour
1 Teaspoon Baking Soda
1 Teaspoon Salt
1 Cup Walnut Pieces (optional)
and Candied Fruit to taste - if you don't like candied fruit, increase amount of raisins, dates or consider chopped dried apricots.

Mix thoroughly and pour into paper lined bread pans. Bake at 325 F for 1 hour.
For maximum “moist-ness” pour one tablespoon of rum, cream cherry or other sweet liquor over baked cakes. Repeated weekly until Christmas your cakes will stay fresh throughout the New Year season too.

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