Sunday, May 6, 2012

destination: Prague

Our last and only vacation was 7 years ago. It's crazy insane that although we've been together 17 years most (if not all) of our "free time" has been spent flying back and forth across the pond and spending much-needed quiet time visiting places where our families were. Early on, very early on. Like in the very first months we were together we took a weekend to Victoria (BC, Canada) to visit Axel's college friends for the weekend. It was fun, unexpected and a very nice break.

In 2005 we went to formerly "East" Germany. I was looking for one iconic picture from that trip to share with you but couldn't pick just one. So you'll have to go look at this little slide show I put together way back then (to show to my customers) here. It was an amazing trip that left so many impressions on me. But I can't say it was relaxing. I was stressed. For a lot of reasons.

Last year we *thought* about going away - that counts, right? But chose instead, and rather wisely, for a Staycation. We loved it. I loved it! You can read more about it here.

Now, we're ready 
for a 
GET . A . WAY. 

And not surprising we're headed east again. The highlight of the trip will be (three nights in) Prague but will include two other overnight destinations in Germany. A bit of Poland was on the cards for a while but we decided to wait for that one. Last, but not least, will spend our last night on the way home with my dear friend, Gabi and her husband, in Dortmund. 

vacation 2012

The entire trip is about 2000km / 1245 miles. 

I can hardly wait.

Axel used to guide bicycle tours (ahem - 30+ years ago!) from Germany into the Czech Republic during the Cold War days. I am looking forward to his memories and rediscoveries. There will also be evidence of much change. I've been looking for a picture of him. I know there is one. It involves a bicycle, very long legs, some long-ish hair and a fair amount of giggling ... (oh, that's me ... while trying to hide behind my hand). I'm still looking ...

As for me, I really don't know what to expect. I'm trying to think of what I want to see. I'm trying not to build up expectations. Neither of us speak Czech. I am sure it will be an adventure.

I want to wonder.

I want to wander.

I want to get lost. 


Some things I have thought about:
  • Prague is known for Art Nouveau
  • Beads! I'd love to buy some unusual beads (in Jablonec)
  • I want to wander through some countryside
  • Rather than big city sights I'd love to browse through some typical neighbourhoods.
Do you have any suggestions?
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  1. Ik wens jullie alvast een deugddoende vakantie.
    Xxx liesbet

  2. have a good time in Prague - was my home for more than 35 years, i<3 Prague


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