Thursday, May 10, 2012

Gabi's Quilt - Recreated

Gabi's -original- Quilt

So armed with this one picture I set about creating and re-creating.

Patch by patch, block by block.

I scoured my stash. And put out a cry for help. Sooo many ladies jumped in to help. I received bundles of scraps from ladies in our guild here and Gent as well as a guild that Gabi belongs. Luckily Gabi had purchased some of the fabrics in my shop - that helped because I found them in my stash. I even washed and took apart some fabrics from those charred salvages. And since I had a few of her fabrics to wash after the fire ... well, I just snipped me a square here and there ~wink~ she didn't mind.

I was constantly referring to the picture I had printed out ... I even hung it on my design wall - twice! I usually had the picture open on my computer too, so I could zoom in and take a closer look.

copy cat

First one corner and then some more ...

the work

Somewhere along the way I stalled out ... I think it was the move.
Packing, loading and sorting two twenty-foot containers will do that two you.
I was worn out.

But that move ... the one to Belgium? ... totally worth it!

working with gabi

Gabi and I talked .. by now she knew it was coming.
Because we had surprised her with that bit I had salvaged.
I'll reveal that in PART THREE.

So we planned a weekend. A long one when she could come over and we could "retreat." Only rule was we worked on just one project - this quilt! But we were both sooo happy to do it. She cut and pressed while I sewed.  We laughed a lot.  There were a lot of yeses - nos - waits - maybes - some more yeses - and nos, followed by you're right! moments :)

Until we had this!

it's done

So here's a comparison ... almost uncanny. I am so proud of us!

Gabi's "before & after" 

Yes, it's not 100% ... some of it is decidedly different. When Gabi was here we also made some executive decisions to "improve" some corners. What is most obvious to me is that I was way off in the lower left corner. I just didn't have some of those rosey plummy rusty colors she had but all and all she was very happy.

And just for kicks I'll show you the back.

  the back is art 

A good pressing plan always pays off! 

Although I still had a few hiccups that I had to fudge along the way.

Don't go away ... PART THREE is coming soon.
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  1. Jovita....this is so beautiful in soooo many ways....thanks so much for sharing!

  2. I am inspired by your perseverence!! Deb XOXOXO

  3. What a wonderful story, what a great friendship, and a wonderful, and memorial experience for you both.

  4. Fantastic! Such a beautiful thing to do....and make!


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