Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Chocolate ~ up for grabs ~


Block Two of Morning Star, Morning Bright!

It's coming!

I just finished sewing it together.

It's a cutie.

OK, if you're still wondering what this has to do with chocolate, keep reading!

morning star 2

Don't you think?

Wondering what's with that question mark? 

Well I couldn't decide so decide an audition was in order ...


So, whatya think? 

Which one would you choose? 

Which one did I choose? 

Oh, and Why?

Tell us all about it in your comments - I'd love to know what you think!

How 'bout this ... you leave a comment and if a random number picker chooses your number .. I'll mail you some Belgian chocolates!

I'm off to write up the directions and make another skirt or two for my vacation ... and to test to see if I can "schedule" a post to show up later.

I've tried before but it didn't work.

If I can and it does, well then ... maybe just maybe you won't even notice when I leave?

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  1. Bottom row, left is my immediate choice, but I could be persuaded to go for the bottom row, right too.

    Nice blocks :)

  2. Voor mij de middenste van de tweede rij !
    Grtz Liesbet

  3. Top row, middle--because it's a nice contrast to the rest of the fabrics and it looks like it's polka dots and you like dots.

    BTW - It's fascinating to see where people are in the world who are reading this blog.


  4. bottom row far left. Nice contrast, without being too strong!

  5. I liked two best, the one top left hand corner and middle bottom, also the middle top is pretty. For the chocolate I'll go for the top left hand corner, though XXXXX Joy

  6. I think bottom far right. It jumped out at me first. Have a good day.

  7. I like bottom, middle. It pulls your eye this way and that way among the triangles. Fun. Have a healing vacation. We miss you in Mukilteo!

  8. I like them all and think you ought to make all of them :-) Have a wonderful time on vacation! But if I had to choose, it would be the first one top row, or bottom middle.

  9. I like bottom row left, have a great vacation :)

  10. I think you picked the bottom middle because it pops. They are are good, but I like this one myself....grin. Don't eat too many one for me.

  11. Bottom right. I want a post of your skirts :)

  12. I like them all but the bottom row middle is my favorite. That red in the middle really makes it pop.

  13. Bottom far right is my choice as it is unexpected.
    Have a wonderful vacation!
    Teri Leigh

  14. Really difficult to decide, but probably bottom row , centre would be my choice. Hope it was yours too.

  15. Bottom row, center is my pick.
    Hope you have a great vacation.

  16. They're all so nice it took me a bit to decide, but finally... it's the bottom row, middle because the red really draws my eye into the block. Is the top row, middle your choice? Polka dots are always great! Have a wonderful vacataion!


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