Friday, June 1, 2012

What a Week! June 1st

A new feature here at Jovita's Patchwork Atelier. 
And one that I'd love for you to join in! 
Come on, you know you want to ... read on ... 


Every Friday a list of what I've gotten done and maybe a list of what's on the books for the following week. Ticked boxes are my greatest motivator. But once the list is done it usually gets thrown away.

And I often forget to tell you about the best stuff ... that everyday stuff.

You know - the stuff that feels so good but might not actually "relate" to quilting or might even (shock/horror) keep us from spending time sewing.

So the new plan ... keep a running list and Friday night just as Axel is coming home from his work week, push《Publish》Well, tonight he's not coming home - he's in Germany visiting the dentist, his best friend and his parents. So I'll push publish, pour myself a glass of wine and plop myself in front of a movie.

How fun, huh? Want to join me?? In the What a Week thing! Yes, I'd love for you to come and share a glass of wine and movie with me. But I'm thinking more along the lines of this motivational thing ... a button would help, right. Voilá! I was going to wait, but hey I think it turned out cute. Now all I have to do is add the code for you. Soon, I promise. And maybe a linky thingy and a button. We'll see .. sometimes that's just more work. For now, if you're playing along, just type in capitals "WHAT A WEEK" at the beginning of your comment and include a link to your post.

 So ... this week?
    What A Week 01 JUN 2012*
  1. I made soft goat's "cheese" - by accident. I was trying to make yogurt. but it's delicious and I *will* be making that mistake again
  2. made 4 Contemporary Jane blocks - all rotary cut and sewn by machine
  3. prepped the next block for Morning Stars, Morning Bright
  4. sent over 100 baby announcements with seed packets for Saskia & Arne's Garden
  5. wrote a bunch of blog posts, they're all waiting patiently in the queue to be published
  6. knit one size 13 sock for my darling husband
  7. made 2 more blocks for my Just Takes 2 quilt
  8. edited numerous pictures from our trip to Prague
  9. baked and blogged our new favorite cake - Grapefruit Cake
  10. knit one teeny tiny sock from the leftovers of Axel's sock
  11. made numerous batches of no-bake cookies and gave them away as fast as I could
  12. scrubbed my kitchen floor and cleaned the windows - YES, this is newsworthy, just trust me
  13. appreciated the best of my garden and ignored the rest
  14. made my absolute favorite summer salad immediately shared some with a friend and posted the recipe for all of you. trust me, it's amazing. and simple. don't complicate it ;)
  15. spent the day visiting with a friend while she helped motivate me to get Oma Lena all ready to launch. Finally the finishing is all figured out and paper pieces accounted for. Now we just need to package them all up and I need to do some more writing, add graphis and then most of all advertising. Come on, you know you want to ask me more about it ... go on!
  16. Wow .. 16 rather ordinary but very cool things! Here's another. I am completely caught up with the laundry! ... just not the ironing. Ooops, hang on. Gotta go answer the door, my neighbour is bringing some of my ironing back. See, it pays to give away those cookies!
So, how was your week? Did you get lots done? Tell us what you did ... even the stuff that didn't take place near any fabric. Us quilters get quite caught up in our crafting that we (or those around us) don't appreciate all the other good stuff we do. Luckily everyone that counts here does appreciate it.

Well, maybe except Whisper.
If it doesn't benefit her, it doesn't count!


She's laying at my feet right now begging me to come play with her. 
It has been a long long day in the days of dog ownership. 

Everything she could do to get my attention? 

She did it!
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  1. What a week: I like your collage! Now that I have goals for next week, I should take photos of my accomplishments.

  2. Hey, this is the 3rd I've checked if anyone posted. I want to see what people did! I'm checking things off of my to-do list!

    1. keep it up Leah, we're sure to win them over!


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