Friday, June 8, 2012

What a Week - 8th June

I've been looking forward to Friday all week just so I could tell you what all I'd done. This week was a prime example of why such a list is important. Mind you, I don't think today's list will be as long as last week or as accomplished because I've been quite . a . bit . slower. I hope you don't mind.

The weekend was mine and I did a bit of fun guilt-less sewing.

my little purse



I heard it coming. 

One huge lorry full of gravel poured the length of the drive we share with seven properties. Arranged by two neighbours, they told us about it but never asked for financial or physical help. They didn't ask it of the other five properties either. So while I sat at my desk and could here the pssssht of the gravel as it fell from the up-ended bed of the truck I realized I couldn't sit here with a clear conscience and not help. So ... out I go, into the pouring rain and helped three others spread an entire lorry of gravel. Did I mention it was raining? My underwear were dripping when I decided the 2nd shower of the day was needed - just to warm up. Have I also mentioned this is the *most* physical work I have done in two years. Yep bedrest and pregnancies kind of leave you in a bit of an out of conditioned mess. But I did it. Shoveled, raked, spread, shoveled and shoveled some more.

I am telling you this because this is exactly what I mean about your week not going as planned. I was sore. I still am sore. It has affected my entire week. But really, is spreading a lorry load of gravel blog-worthy. Not really. But here it is on my What a Week list. Yeh, I know I told you the story. It took a whole paragraph .. to make a point. I love What a Week lists.


So how does this work? 

Well you post your What a Week list on your blog - go on celebrate all the things that got in the way! We'd love to hear about it! Then leave a comment below with a link to your post. Be sure to check out everyone else's posts and link back to my blog somehow, but that's it! 

Of course you're always welcome to grab our What a Week button (below). 

So this is what I did ...
  1. completely ODd on no bake cookies - so I'm passing the torch, the recipe is here
  2. made a sweeeet little bag and loving my buttonhole - seriously something I never thought I'd say
  3. dug over 2 (of 8) raised beds before the rains came
  4. helped my neighbours spread an entire load of gravel in the pouring rain. oh, that guy standing under the arrow at the end of the drive? that's my 6'8" (203cm) husband .. just to give you an idea of just how loooooong it is.
  5. finally got some seed in the ground - summer carrots and spinach
  6. celebrated Christmas early and took delivery of a bunch of fun ebay wins .. yarn, yarn, yarn
  7. swatched several of the yarns, I hate swatching but I did it and am very happy with the results, time to do a little pattern hunting - it's mostly sock weight
  8. sewed a button and hook onto my favorite pair of summer pants - so much nicer than just tucking in the waist band to try and keep them up
  9. vacuumed and scrubbed my kitchen floor - yep, still newsworthy. it's a nasty floor, our soil is sandy, we have two cats and a dog. every scrub is newsworthy, sorry, that's just how it is!
  10. continuously made and ate homemade goat's milk yogurt for two weeks now - finally figured out the formula - yahooooo!
  11. cast on a sweet little baby hat, then realized it was a premie pattern. hmmm, maybe not such a great idea for me right now so frogged it and started something else. 
  12. visited with two wonderful friends while we took another look at Nesting. omgoodness, I didn't realize how close I am to being done. I really need to finish up the series running in my shop and then launch that pattern world-wide too! I might actually be on a roll with rolling out some of my own patterns. I can hardly stand it!
  13. cut a whole bunch of 2-1/2" strips for my friend Gabi to make this quilt for her son.
  14. AND then walked into the village to the post office and the pharmacy. this is major, considering I've pretty much only walked from my front door to the car and back for the last three months.
  15. finished knitting the pair to that very tight little baby sock and it's still a tiny bit bigger but close enough.
In the end this week wasn't much about patchwork, although technically there is machine quilting AND binding on my purse. But I did what I needed to do. For me and mine. And that's what counts. So, spill it ... did you sew as much as you wanted or did you get a whole lot of more pressing things done?

p.s. the socks are ravelled here and here.

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  1. I think I get a gold star for being the first to respond.

    1. Yes you do Leah! You amaze me ... not only having a done list but also a todo! If only ...

  2. i can certainly do "what a week" posting...and it would be exciting!

    1. Thanks! Am glad you like the idea. I loved reading your last week's post and can't wait to see what you have in store for tomorrow.

  3. I like your blog and now I cannot remember how I got here, only I am happy to have found it! and you! You are so very entertaining. The "what a week" is really very interesting even if it isn't all about patchwork and/or quilting. There is a lot going!!! The story about the driveway and how you did your part in raking and shoveling is precious. You are awesome to go and participate. Good for you! The Flickr pictures are awesome. The periwinkle quilt is gorgeous and so is the Dresden/Pinwheel quilt. I hope you won't mind if I make one. Yours is STUNNING!


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