Friday, June 15, 2012


Are you ready to be WAWed ... because What A Week (WAW) this has been!


I last sewed on Sunday ... not once did I manage to sit in front of my sewing machine it this week.

I'm thinking about naming him Jack.

Next week I need my WAW to be a just a little less WAW.

It has been one of THOSE weeks again ... but I did get a lot done. 
Sadly, most of it isn't really pretty picture ready.

This week included:
    eating strawberries * painting fence
  1. eating lots and lots of strawberries
  2. painted miles and miles of 2x2s black ... I won't show you my hands
  3. spending the day with a friend and finally cast on the matching sock sock for Axel 
  4. me going mad and starting not one project but TWO
  5. some very very cold weather. my husband even turned our central heating on one night. me? I was very grateful for our new pellet stove keeping my office cozy!
  6. making this cake, it was a flop 
  7. baking banana bread, eating half with the neighbour and giving the rest to a friend before Axel got even one slice.
  8. making another loaf of great banana bread and didn't cut into it until Axel came home :)
  9. sharing my adaptation of mom's Banana Bread recipe
  10. selling our guest bed - don't worry we have two others, it just means I have my living room back!
  11. trying to paint over the candle soot streaks in our living room only to discover I have to do the entire wall ... next week!
  12. the launch of Teach Me @ ... ok, this one is HUGE and probably explains the little progress on everything else
  13. watched the bumblebees get drunk on nectar
  14. vacuuming and mopping the living room - have i mentioned how dusty and sandy this house gets?
  15. vacuuming and scrubbing the kitchen floor - I wanted to say for three consecutive weeks - but it's raining heavily and there is NO sense in scrubbing this floor when it rains. Not with a dog, two cats and a husband in the house. I vacuumed, that will have to do, the mopping will have wait for another day or two.
So there you have it! Not much ... except a list of reasons why I wasn't sewing. 

All the stuff that happens, that's just important but for some reason most of us never admit to it.

And now it's Friday. Normally I rush around trying to finish up things to add to the list. 

But not today.

I'm tired and looking forward to the weekend.

Home made pizza dough is rising for tonight's dinner and a cake is in the oven 
(damn, I forgot to set the buzzer again!)

So I'm going to leave you here. 
Push publish now and just concentrate on what should get done before the weekend starts.

I'm hoping to still cut binding for one of my all time favorite quilts .. it's supposed to hang in our living room. Wouldn't it be fantastic if I could do the hand sewing this weekend? ... Ahaha, wishful thinking. A) I hate sewing on binding and B) There's a fence to build, windows to seal and ... oh that blasted list!

Bargello Stream

I can't wait to read about your WAW! 

Link up and tell us what you did this week. 
Don't forget to grab our button and link back to this page or my blog. 

And Happy Weekend to one and all!
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