Monday, June 11, 2012

Making Geese Fly

Big News ... Just In!

I often get asked "how do you do THAT" or "can you explain THIS" so ... I am very very pleased to announce a new set of Tutorials ... step by step.

Today's Feature begins with Making Geese Fly ... from beginning to end. Learn my favorite methods for creating flying geese as well as why and when I use it.

Why am I starting here? Well, because there are a heck of a lot of flying geese in our Morning Star, Morning Bright BOM and it will be so much easier to direct you to these methods in one go instead of going over them every time a new block is demonstrated.

Flying Geese

Graphics, pictures, close-ups, you name it, here is where you will find it.

Teach Me @

Features include
  • step-by-step tutorials
  • pressing plans for all your favorite blocks
  • my soapbox ... intimate thoughts about pre-washing, pressing seams open, etc.
Yes, it is all under construction. I have a list of topics and will be adding to this blog daily.

Are you wondering if this is just going to add to my plate? No, the idea is for my plate to be more organized instead of a mixed up mash. Teaching and tutorials will no longer get lost between this great idea and that quilt. It will be here. Organized and easy for you to find. Enjoy! 

So what do you think? Let me know. Your comments are always welcome. PLEASE feel free to request a topic, pressing plan for any block you desire or anything else you can think of.

New Tutes will be announced here as well so you're sure not to miss any ... 

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  1. I think it is a great idea! I am new to quilting so am always happy to read a tutorial on how to make a block that I have not made before. I am really going to like the soapbox as I am not always sure what I should be doing when it comes to some of the basics. One topic I would enjoy is about thread and what type should be used for which projects. When I first started sewing years ago thread choice was limited and now there are so many possibilites I am not always sure which to choose.


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