Wednesday, June 6, 2012

WiP Wednesday - Week 2

I tried to sleep in this morning. Hubby even said I should. It sounded so good. I'm still pretty sore after Monday ... which you'll hear about on Friday. After all it's not really blog-worthy but it definitely made an  impact on my week.

But I just couldn't do it. After all, it's WiP Wednesday!

So let's see .. first a look at how last WiP Wednesday went. I think I might have tanked. I was all fired up. Had grabbed Oma Lena and was headed into the garden. And then I answered the phone and got caught up / embroiled in a conversation that was worse than beating a dead horse. Honestly! I've thought about whether to blog specifically about the topic but it covered a lot of things and finally culminated in pearls of wisdom. There's more to the story but I'm pretty sure I won't blog about it. Time to just move on ...

So as I stepped into the garden my mind was spinning and couldn't relax. Instead of Oma Lena I tightly knit one very tiny wee little sock. I've tried to knit it's pair but there was a substantial difference in size. Guess I might need someone to wind me up again so I can get that second one to match.

oma lena by marleen
On Friday Marleen came over to help me motivate me and organize my thoughts for launching Oma Lena as a BOM available world-wide. Yes! We are getting there. So as much as I would like to sew, today will probably be spent at the computer writing up the booklet and advertizing info. Marleen has the center of her Oma Lena put together and is ready to start filling in the edges. I can hardly wait. The colors are lovely! That's the great thing about this BOM .. you can do it in colors to suit you. Your quilt will be unique! More about it all - very soon.

the button That doesn't mean there hasn't been some sewing going on. Yesterday my friend Lili came over and I sewed a button on! Whooohooo! Instead of a trip to the store to buy ONE button. We went through my button chest again and chose to stack two. Haha ... only now we've decided my little purse needs a handle and that it should be orange! Maybe it will be ready to show you on Friday. I did manage to sort, fold and take stock of My Contemporary Jane while looking for the right orange. So that's progress too, right?

I am going to love those What a Week posts! Honestly, life does distract sometimes and it means that once in a while you'll get one of these long wordy posts with no action. What a Week posts on Friday is all about celebrating all the things that got in the way!

NestingTomorrow two other friends are coming to help get Nesting moving along. I LOVE this quilt. But I can't pick it up. I don't know why and it makes me sad. All the blocks are designed it's just a matter of stitching them up. I think I'm a bit overwhelmed with handwork right now.

So there you have it. Obviously I have WiPs enough on my hands. But right now I'm just concentrating on the ones that involves a commitment to someone else.

Oi vey .. that reminds me .. this is waiting to be quilted! Mary, do you still love me?

Time to crack that WiP and go create something!

Happy Sewing! xox

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  1. Ik moet zo lachen omdat je schrijft dat je een knoop aannaaide, nog wel dat je vermeld dat het er eigenlijk twee waren, anders klonk het wel héél erg. Hmm ik van mijn kant naaide 1 en halve hexagon bloem.
    Maar het was een dag met gouden randje, niet alleen voor mij zelf maar voor het hele gezin !

  2. Love the Oma Lena,very nice colors. Crazy how we can have a plan, and whop! Life jumps up. I have found it easier to be spontaneous, more fun that way!

  3. Such wonderful projects - everything looks great!

  4. Can't wait until Oma Lena is available to all of us. Will you be selling it in your shop or putting it online. It is sooooo pretty.

  5. you made me laugh!! lovely colors in your quilt pieces...I love it!

  6. looking forward to Oma Lena, love the shapes and colours. Can't wait....Cheryl in Victoria


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