Monday, June 18, 2012

Please Come to my Party

you! my fellow quilters and friends

now, all week, until I finish something else

your house, my house, the zoo, the park
why everywhere of course!

cuz I *finished* a quilt, I'm over the moon and I have to share my excitement.

End of the Stream!

Why am I making such a stink about finishing this quilt? Well because it is FINISHED ... I cannot remember the last time I finished a quilt so I am celebrating this. BIG TIME!

This quilt started as a class sample 10 YEARS ago. It's a colorwash and a bargello. They were quite the rage 10 years ago. Decidedly not modern today. I'll be honest too .. colorwash *and* bargello are both styles that don't speak to me. Not a word. Just not interested. But asked to teach the class I was and if there's one thing that makes this style of quilt successful it's color. I think I did ok with this one. I love the transitions. The way the dark and light ribbons of color play against each other. I see a bubbling brook full of fish flowing through a cool forrest. Haha ... yeh, I get carried away sometimes. But ...

I LOVE this quilt. It rocks in my living room - against my blueberry stain walls. Yes, there will be pictures in situ soon ... first I have to cut the frame for it. See those corners on the back of the quilt? Instead of a hanging sleeve I opted for corners so I could mount it as flush to the wall as possible. And keep it square .. hopefully. I'll report back on this plan later. On my last trip to the NW (3! years ago) I left this top with Barb Dau (Everett, WA) and asked her to quilt a bubbling stream through it. When a friend from here flew back to visit her family last fall she kindly brought it back for me .. along with 3 other quilts I'm embarrassed to say that I still haven't shown you. I am also embarrassed to discover that I consistently write peak when I mean PEEK, yikes!

The finished quilt measures 35" x 48" / 89cm x 122cm. It hangs portrait style with the longest side going up and down. Most bargellos hang the other way - horizontal but not mine ... nope, mine has a stream running through it with fish so lengthwise it is. But you'll get to see that better when we hang it.

So I hope you'll PARTY with me 

... a cupcake, glass of wine ... a nice piece of fruit ...

Whatever it takes to make it a party for you! 

I am soooo very excited and thank you for joining me in one big 

Hip Hip Hoooooraaaaay!

Sticking with the color theme and finishing mode I can also tell you ...

that I am just an inch away from turning the heel on Axel's SECOND sock! Yes, ma'am that means a pair. Considering I've knit 5 socks in my life and only one pair that is indeed another reason to celebrate.
2nd sock

AND I pulled out this sweet little quilt and chose binding for it.

So ... there might be reason for another party very very soon!

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  1. I love these! The quilt turned out great and what a fantastic collage! Congratulations and well done!!

  2. Okee, another one bites the dust. You are going good. Let's party an other time this week.

    Love Els

  3. Hehehehehe such fun to have a quilt done finito and would have loved to join the tea party but am sadly very very far from you.
    So enjoy it.
    Take care and hugs.

  4. Een mijlpaal berekt, een quilt die volledig klaar is ! En meteen een prachtstuk dan nog.
    En die breinaalden, ja die blijf ik gewoon grappig vinden !

  5. Stunning! The colors, contrasts and transitions are wonderful! Definitely party-worthy! Can't wait to see photos of it hanging in your home.

  6. What a wonderful quilt and post! Party on!


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