Friday, June 29, 2012

Wow, it's Friday Again ...

WAW! After the last couple of weeks I really didn't think I could pack more in.

This week was off to a running start and never really let up.

It was busy, busy, busy ... so ... I'm afraid there aren't too many pictures.
But the list ... the list tells the story. Happy Reading!
  1. finished painting the kitchen
  2. vacuumed and mopped 
  3. then cut out, baked and decorated cookies with two sweet little girls
  4. cleaned the kitchen again!
  5. made salad rolls (twice in one day!) and again today, they were declared delicious ... even if they weren't very pretty ... and I've found the perfect spicy peanut sauce combination, mmmmm.
  6. sat in the sun, got nice and brown while chatting with a friend and stitching away
  7. prepped four Oma Lena blocks to take to the hospital with me on Monday
  8. had two friends over for another day of stitching ... lots of laughter of course
  9. finalized the design for the last two blocks of Nesting
  10. went to the market again for more strawberries for more jam ... last batch turned out pretty good so here's to another try.
  11. also went crazy at Ikea ... more storage for my office, kitchen towels, bathroom cupboard and kitchen doors - all very necessary things
  12. narrowly avoided what could have been a very bad accident - phew, my heart still clops every time I think about it. definitely the emergency stop they train you for!
  13. had another friend over for coffee, then went an sewed the afternoon with her at yet another friends house
  14. may have ruined my favorite pan for making sauce ... not sure if I should tattle ... suffice to say it is glued / melted to a rubber surface after being taken outside to cool (because I had burnt a pan of onions)
  15. slept soundly another 6 out of 7 nights ... in spite of some very warm nights.
  16. felt like i needed a better profile pic so made an attempt at a self portrait .. not too bad but there are definitely room for improvements.
And yes, you counted right, I spent 3 out of 5 days sewing with friends!! It took up a chunk of time but was entirely worth it and I got a lot of stitching, drawing, laughing and bitching done. And yes, my head is rather tired from speaking so much Nederlands ... but I'm coping there too. I am a lucky, luck girl to have so many wonderful friends

Most significantly ... I made it to the end of the pregnancy. Yesterday was the last day of the 40 weeks. It's been a tough ride getting here. But I made it. We made it. The best moments of my entire week has been in creating and stitching the little squares you see above. In all 25 very special memories, wishes and dreams for Saskia and Arne. I can hardly wait for it to be done, but I won't rush it. It's too special.

Our two week July vacation officially began at 5pm tonight. 
Axel doesn't have to work for 16 days! and we plan on enjoying it. 
I'll do my best to pop in and say HI, 
but I'm not going to sweat it if I don't ... I hope you won't either. 

We've got some great plans for our 2nd annual Staycation!! 
And regardless of during or after the fact, 
I'll be back to share the highlights with you.

Oh, and don't freak out about the hospital thing .. it's for sinus surgery. 
Hopefully just a day there. Maybe overnight.
Prayers are welcome but don't worry.
I'm looking forward to this sinus issue being solved.

And don't forget you can join in on, just post write a blog post containing your WAW list. 
Then come back and leave a link in the comment section.
You know I won't be able to stay away from my computer during our vacation so I promise to stop by and be wowed by all the things that you get done in your week ... you know ... the ones that get overlooked, the important things that keeping us from stitching every minute of the day ...

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