Wednesday, June 20, 2012


So this week I can actually show you a finish and an almost finished.

I was so excited on Monday that I threw a (virtual) party.

With one WiP now a finish I was eager to up the score and grabbed this quilt.

It's one of three that a friend brought back from the states for me last November.

Binding Trials

A quick discussion with my husband meant I was in two minds about which binding ... although honestly, I tended to agree with him. I had about 12" ... and I like a *bias* binding ... but I was running short and not really all that keen on using the end triangles to make up more (eh, who wants all the extra seams).

A friend and I were just chatting about what's better ... bias or straight-grain. I know which way I lean and with good reason - growing up I had a beach towel that had straight grain binding. Wore out faster than you can say "boo!" Yes, I know, it got washed A LOT! But still ... 

So ... hmmmm, since this is a baby quilt and likely to get washed a lot. I thought now is the perfect time to try a test. Yes, if I was being truly scientific I would have used the same fabric. But I think I'm being extra kind to Straight Grain because it's a slightly heavier more stable fabric. Bias is a little jealous, but he'll get over it.

I inserted three 14" Straight Grain pieces in an otherwise Bias binding. One corner is also Straight Grain so I'm curious to see how that turns and wears. I'll keep you posted ... It may be awhile but stay tuned ... I will report back with the results through the washings and wears.

Binding on the Run

In a quick minute today I trimmed up the quilt and sewed on the binding. I had a scrap leftover so poked it through my thread spool and pinned it to the quilt. Perfect for binding on the go ... otherwise I end up with several spools of thread in my pockets by the end of the day.

This finishing stuff sure feels good!

I have a little stack of stuff that needs quilting ... hopefully that will be next. 
If I could just make myself baste them. 
They're small and fiddly and ugh ... I hate basting.

Probably even more than sewing on binding.

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There are a few of us who planning on being very very productive this summer, 
are you one of them??

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  1. I like your folded patch (I'm not sure how to describe it) and I love your quilting :)

  2. I'd be very interested in how the different bindings wear!

    I'm loving the glimpses of the quilt here - what gorgeous colours!

  3. I love the folded three dimensional detail that you added to your quilt- very pretty.

  4. Your quilt is lovely - love the 3D and the quilting a lot.

  5. I love your trick of pinning your spool to the quilt. I took some binding with me on my last trip, and it was a pain trying to keep tack of my spool and needles!


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