Sunday, July 1, 2012

Staycation 2012

gone on holiday
Have you ever gone on Staycation? 

We enjoyed it so much last year that we're doing it again.

Everyone else goes away. 
We stay home. 
The village goes quiet. 
It's wonderful.

I had planned to post during our Staycation but have now decided the healthy thing to do is keep a running list, take photos and jot down ideas and save it all for when I'm back. You see, it wasn't my idea but my "holiday" starts with sinus surgery tomorrow (Monday) morning. I'm not complaining .. it needs to happen and now is really the best time.  It just means there's a lot to pack into the remaining days, so I will be spending as little time at the computer as possible. 

If you're curious about this idea, this is how *our* concept of staycation works.
As a "guide" we rotate a 3-day plan but this is never set in stone.

  • Day 1 we work on a house or garden project together. There are so many to choose from this year ...
  • Day 2 we each do whatever we want .. we might even *choose* to work on the house, but no guilt if I sit and sew in the garden and he does whatever he fancies. 
  • Day 3 we go on an outing together, explore some place new (or old) and enjoy a nice meal. 
We sometimes toss the schedule around and do three days of work in a row, but then we might go out and about for two days after. We just do what works on that day for us. It might be weather depending or one of us is itching to do something of our own, or that bathroom needs finishing. 

Whatever works ... as long as we work a little and remember to relax and play as well.

Here are just a few memories of last year's staycation ...
    Staycation Gourmet
  • Last year's weather sucked which is why we had few outings. But we enjoyed more time at home relaxing ;) We did manage to get out and explore 2 out of 4 planned days ... Terneuzen & Hulst in the Netherlands and Lille (Rijsel), France. 
  • Lille was *a-m-a-z-ing* 
  • had a couple of fantastic meals in the garden on days the sun shone - there weren't too many of those.
  • laughed our silly heads off about the amount of pouring rain we were getting and grateful we hadn't tried to go away ... who wants to be stuck in a hotel when it's raining? not me!!
  • made two bracelet / cuffs and then forgot to wear one for our garden party.
  • watched a few movies and two very different "The Kennedys" series
  • enjoyed every minute of watching my husband relax, smile and laugh
  • figured out how to make iced coffee concentrate - yummm! 
  • sheet-rocked, mudded, sanded, mudded, rinse, repeat ... the bathroom . 3/4 is now primed - still need to tackle the sink corner but it already looks wonderful.
  • started and finished knitting a new shawl - although not convinced it's going to block out big enough - it looks so blinking tiny right now.
  • got ready for a big garden party ... the culmination of our staycation! lots of dishes to pre-wash, table-cloths to iron, decorations, tables, chairs and tents to assemble. not to mention the food and the best brownies and lemon bars I have ever made (very big grin)
  • built a picket fence
oh, how will we top it? Just you wait and see!

The best part about a Staycation is we get to sleep in our own bed every single night. We choose good and simple meals and enjoy them in the luxury of our own garden. The weather - ha, who cares ... we didn't spend hard-earned money to sit in the rain somewhere.

hubby and I

Staycation ... try it, you might like it!

I look forward to seeing you on the other side ...
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  1. Look forward to see what you do this week! Is it one week or 2? We are also having a sort staycation. It is the first time the hubby is home for a week. So far, so good!

  2. It sounds like a lovely idea Jovita. We're also doing a staycation this summer. My I just say that you two look just lovely? Looking forward to hanging out together!


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