Sunday, April 15, 2012

Easter by a Hare

BOM-4010Phew, somehow we did manage to squeeze a bit of Easter in .. or out .. which one is it?

Blessed with a 3 day weekend as Belgium takes Easter Monday as a holiday we knew we could completely chill and take some time to reflect on Sunday but still get a few things done (in preparation) on Saturday and a job or two around the house on Monday.

First a quick down of what we needed ... dinners, sugar cookies!, carrot cake (of course) and hmmm, maybe some chocolate.

Sugar CookiesI wasn't really in the mood but Saturday morning after a reasonable lie-in I headed into the kitchen ... via my computer to skype my neighbour and tell her there would be sugar cookies .. come decorate and take some home. Leah is from Lynden, just a couple hours from where I grew up so whenever I make anything typical "home" I try to remember her. I don't have enough words to explain how much I appreciate Leah and her husband .. they have been so much to us over the last few months and we are extremely grateful for their help and understanding.

Too bad I grabbed the wrong Sugar Cookies recipe but I went ahead, substituted half the flour for whole wheat and threw the dough in the fridge to chill. At first we thought they just turned out "ok" ... but once the icing was set we were happy campers. Especially the ones with sprinkles. Oh animal cookies - I miss you.

Carrot Cake was another almost no-brainer. Except I thought I'd be "smart" and follow my recipe to the letter. I measured the grated carrots and stopped at 3 cups. In the past I just fill my food processor so there's more. Hmmm, definitely like the more a lot better.

Baked Lemon & Lovage ChickenWith all this baking going on and the oven already being hot and all .. I tossed an easy peasy dinner in the oven - my own recipe for a simple Roast Chicken with Lovage and Lemon. You can find the recipe here in the little grey cookbook!

Thank goodness I had the presence of mind to nip into the butchers on my run to the pharmacy the other day. Easter Dinner was lamb chops rubbed with fresh rosemary and served with a pile steamed carrots and broccoli left us too very very happy.

As for chocolate we were both happy each with a mini Chocolate bunny from a friend. 

So Easter was here. It was quiet but busy with prep. Cooking and baking was somewhat enjoyed. And we packed it all in just under the wire. Monday night I came down with something ... and spent the rest of the week feeling generally under the weather ... hence the explanation for this very very late post.

We've spent nearly this entire weekend painting the kitchen ceiling - no mean feat and much too boring for photos. Taxes are on the cards for this week. All work and no play ... although maybe a few evenings to play with scraps of fabric if my eyes are still open and my fingers aren't numb.

Back soon with more exciting things ...

p.s. The applique block you saw above is part of Bunnyhill Designs A Tisket a Tasket BOM. I started two quilts and they're both still in the works but it was the best eastery thing to show you! You can see more of my blocks here.

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