Saturday, April 28, 2012

What's that you say?

Did you know that European frogs don't say "rib-bit"??

Frog's Amish

I thought I'd pop back and show a quilt ... to appease all my quilting followers.

But even if you're not a quilter ...  there's more to the frog story below ...

I made this many moons ago. The backing is all set to go, just need to baste it and hope my quilting will require no frogging ... but check out those little cuties that will be hopping all over. I always choose a fun busy back for my Amish quilts a) so I'm not stressing about my hand quilting and b) cuz I'm not Amish so intentionally want my quilts to reflect "me!" I probably won't be quilting it soon but it was fun to see it again. Too many other things on the list ahead of this I'm afraid ...

I promise more is coming but in the meantime I pulled out it out just to show you. 

So frogs in Europe ...

they say "kwaark"

... honest they do. 

(Unless you live in Schellebelle .. there we had a neighbour frog that sounded like it was being strangled. Weird, creepy and fascinating all at the same time.)

For many many years Axel would not believe me when I told him frogs said ribbit.
Nope, he was just not going there. 

Until we lived in Everett. 

In the house I grew up in. 

We lay in bed one night and lo and behold ... 
there was the frog chorus 
from my childhood 
playing in the background.

The Backing

Music to my ears! 

Don't ask him what a rooster says ...

Yesterday we headed out for dentist appointments ... again ... thankfully there were no glitches. We left extra early so I could go comfortable walking but suitable for visiting Prague and wearing with skirts shoe shopping (and to avoid the traffic).

Amish with a Kwark
Looking for cute, practical summer shoes to wear with skirts and on our upcoming trip was quite an adventure. I had a certain style and a bit of fun in mind. My husband is very very practical. We kind of met in the middle ... three pairs of shoes later ;)  I'll let you guess if I came home with any of these.

Speaking of skirts I made one on Thursday! Surprisingly rather quickly and it included a zip ... an invisible zip I managed to install without a glitch while talking on the phone. Turned out pretty darn good. Pics soon.
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  1. Do roosters say the same in German as in Dutch? I'm curious on the shoes!


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