Thursday, April 26, 2012

All About Frogs

Frogs, frogging, frogged. 


It's been a theme here in our little household for a few days.

Friday afternoon Axel and I both had dentist appointments. In Germany - the little town where we used to live. We set out in time to just reach our destination in the allotted 2-1/2 hours. We would have left sooner but I've learned to make good use of the ladies' before any car journeys. We were counting our lucky stars to be going in our direction as the oncoming traffic was at a stand-still going into Antwerp. Ha! Just after crossing the border with The Netherlands traffic came to a stop and sat still for an hour. Thank goodness for my knitting basket ... Eventually we got turned around and headed home ... leap frogging our way through towns an villages across the countryside to avoid the jam-packed Friday afternoon motorways. Two bad the weather was so crappy and I left the camera at home. We saw some beautiful bits of Belgium by accident ... five hours after our original departure we made it home. We'll try again next Friday but plan to leave in the morning ...

To kill some time during the busiest traffic time we popped into the grocery store and stocked up for the weekend. I convinced the honey that Whisper needed a new "big" toy. We've rotated small squeaky toys in and out but she's had "the pig" for nearly three years.
new toy . best friend
What a hoot! Instant entertainment for the entire family all weekend. Painting our kitchen ceiling was punctuated with many "look at her now"s ... she nudged, whispered, yipped and bounced all around that silly frog all weekend.

Now if I could just apply some frog theory to the rest of my life. 

I've been struggling the last couple of weeks. Which explains some of the quilting slump that I'm in. What's next? I don't know and it's bugging me. I'm normally in a planning and doing mode ... not lately.

If only I could frog the last couple of months and be oh so happy again. 

Or how about a leap frog ahead to see what's in store? I wouldn't have to stay ...
... but a glimpse would be nice ... and comforting ...

In the meantime I've been knitting more. A few things I had started before, frogged and started again. My knitting always includes a fair amount of frogging ... I knit, then frogged this a few weekends ago.


It has since been re-knit (and combined with this) and turned out wonderful but now I'm on the hunt for the perfect yarn to crochet a sweet edge. I can hardly wait to wrap it around my neck next winter.


And I started this about four years ago. It took me two years to get 2/3 through the pattern (bah, made one for my sista in just two weeks! - how is that possible?) Then I realized that my 2nd ball was a very different dye lot. I ripped, ribbit, frogged that thing. Started again, alternating yarns. Made a mistake so frogged again. And again, and again ... gave up on that pattern.  It's now on it's way to becoming a Holden.

Since we're finally painting the kitchen I decided some new dishcloths were in order ... Did you notice the floor under Whisper in the first picture? - that's my kitchen floor! Wild huh? Lots of pattern and busy-ness. Hence the new vanilla walls with green and black accents. But of course I need me some color so dish towels and cloths will just have to do. These are being test driven as we speak.


But knitting (or crocheting) only works up to a point. Like if I have to concentrate really hard on the pattern. Or can watch TV. Anything to keep my mind from wandering. Wandering is not good right now. That's why I'm avoiding my machine sewing ... but it bugs. I want to be sewing. Honest I do!

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  1. I LOVE your kitchen floor! It's like a Mary Englebreit design! You should have bowls full of cherries sitting around!
    My mother (93 this week) knits dish cloths all thetime for whoever needs one, they are the best!
    I like your designs.
    Speaking of knitting, have you seen the two books called "Knit Your Own Cat" and also there is a "Knit Your Own Dog"? I have the cat book and it is too funny!


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