Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I had planned to tell you all about frogs today.

It's been a theme here in our little household for a few days.

But I can't seem to pull it together.

I'm teetering.

Right on the edge ...

Like I'm going to sink or swim ...

I'd rather sail.

Just sail away.

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  1. Please don't sink. Sail away for a while if need be. You will swim again, dear lady.

    With love and prayers.


  2. Sail to Washington and I'll spoil you rotten and promise to let you float all you want. You are in my thoughts daily, dear friend. Love, Deb

  3. When you want to sail away....you are in need of some kind of personal time or space.....change your surroundings for awhile....go visit a friend, find a new magazine or book, take a bubble bath, plan an imaginary or real vacation, buy fabric, breathe deeply and take care of yourself...you deserve some indulgence. It is a long process but you have people from all over the world who care about you and axel.

  4. I say sail. . .use those tears as your ocean. From experience there will be many days that you can't sail because you will be somewhere, at sometime, with someone, that you will have to be strong.


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