Friday, January 31, 2014

Innocent until Proven Guilty

I'm just hoping you'll let me off for good behavior ...

1/2" 'peppermint' hexiesWe've been sick around here. Not really really sick. Just that icky yucky feeling that makes you a tad grumpy, impatient and tired. Just the kind that interrupts naps and sending papa to sleep in the babies room so that when he wakes at 10pm after going down at 7:30 and stays up until 1am momma is right there so that when he wakes at 4 coughing ... well you get the picture right.

So in between wiping noses, drinking lots of *peppermint* tea and doing my best to keep the household running

one innocent project lead to another

It started with this 

which lead to this and along with all this talk of peppermint
got me to thinking about this

peppermint candy

and this

turq & red

Then this happened


and then this


I think I might be guilty ..

.. but after awhile it's just fun to take pictures and dream about hexagons

And think of doing a swap / exchange .. of so many types, things and kinds.

But I think that will have to wait .. until I can find the time between wiping noses and
cups of peppermint tea.

In fact somewhere there is a cup with my name on it. I'm off now to follow the strewn tissues in the hopes it leads me to a mugga easily warmed to enjoy before that little guy is awake again.

Ha, spoke to soon! Off to wipe a nose, plant a kiss, change a (cloth) diaper and conjure up some lunch. Maybe even plan dinner. Or order dinner .. it is Friday after all .. and boy am I glad to see Friday.

Candy Canes
Disclaimer: In the writing of this blog post, a candy cane or two may have been dropped into a cuppa or two of coffee purely to aid the writer in staying awake and alert while nursing her obsession with peppermint. Did you know they are impossible to find here? You can occasionally get candy canes, in fact they are becoming more frequent during the holiday period. But they are alarmingly not peppermint flavoured. Strawberry, vanilla and even tasteless we have seen, but no peppermint. Not even at Starbucks .. shame on them, right?  Thankfully I've got a few friends and a cousin who send and/or smuggle peppermint candy canes on a random basis. Special enough that they get their own jar with a ribbon tied around it's neck.

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