Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Keeping Track

It's that time of year when you look back at lists .. things you DID do .. like bring a baby home from the hospital!!

And things you DIDn't do .. like, ahem .. finish any projects.

Of course there are always those landmark events too .. like having a baby, celebrating his baptism, recording his first Thanksgiving, remembering his first Christmas ..

I'm also looking foward to new things this year. Finn's birthday is only just around the corner, followed by Easter and then a whole summer of Funn! as I anticipate him learning to walk. Oh boy!!

Axel will tell you I've been driving myself crazy trying to keep notes, records and photographing everything. I know I can't count on my memory. Thank goodness for digital and datestamps on photographs!!

With Finn growing like a weed, I've been looking at ways to record that too. And wow, there are a LOT of ideas out there. I thought I had pinned my favorite growthchart ideas, but alas it must have been done in my sleep because I can't find them. Except for this one that was clearly a frontrunner.

That is until I saw this project designed by Simone of Atelier Soed Idee Annelies featuring cross-stitch borders from Annelies' collection of antique samplers. The patterns are published every Saturday on a blog dedicated to the Randje per Week stitch-a-long. There is also a Facebook group.

I decided this would make the perfect growth chart and be something unique, because what does one DO with their children's growth charts?? I'm thinking this might end up on the back of his wedding quilt. Maybe? 

So I looked all around a fabric options and funnily it wasn't hard at all to choose the black. I ordered my fabric and finally got to start last night. This is how far I got. Eventually there will be 106 rows in the entire pattern. There were three borders this week but I chose to not include the first one. 


Not bad consider that after the baby was in bed, dishes done and a *very* quick tidy up it was already 10pm. Thankfully hubby picked up after that, started the dishwasher and hung a load of laundry on the drying rack.

So the details. I am embroidering over 2 threads on 30 count pure linen using 2 strands of Weeks Dye Works embroidery floss in a variegated dark grey / black called "Kohl" (Coal) #3900. My second color, which I understand does not appear until week (or row?) seven will probably be bright red. I still have to decide how I am going to finish the edges. I have ideas (although they might change) for indicating the "measure" and incorporating his semi-annual height markings.

And NO I did not need another project, but I am quite happy about one that can be finished in an evening or two. Just for me .. and for Finn.

Speaking of Finn, he woke up all rosy posy this morning. A joy for sore eyes (phew, yes .. I am noticing my age after working on that late last night!). I swear his hair grew overnight. The red is sadly gone and the palest whitest blond is quickly filling in.

Rosy Posy Finn

Thankfully his rash / cradle cap is getting better. It's taken us a while to figure out but Finn is allergic to milk and probably wheat. So until we're done breastfeeding that's no cheese for momma .. and boy does she miss it!! I've been lactose intolerant for a few years so had cut back extremely enjoying only goat's milk (fresh, straight from the farm) and cheeses, but NO cheese is killing me. Did I mention I also got a filling without anaesthesia .. yes, that is how much I love this boy!!! 


We're getting close the the one year mark though 
*and* he sprung two teeth last week so it won't be much longer. 

Finn is a dream of a baby. 
A happy chappy. 

His laugh makes my heart smile.

And that DO / DID list, suddenly it doesn't matter nearly as much.

xox J
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  1. Great picture of Finn, Jovita!! He is too cute for words! Cherish every moment!! <3

  2. What a beautiful boy! I know you'll have so much fun this coming year with him as he learns so many things! Have fun with him and don't worry about anything else!


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