Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Today, I bring you WAM

Wow, What a Monday!

If this is any indication of what this week will be like, bring it on! You know when you wake up refreshed and the sun is shining. And when the baby is in good spirits and naps well, it's all good.

Peek a Boo

Yesterday was incredible.

The sun was shining and gorgeous.

I worked in the garden. Finally planting some of my bulbs that were beginning to sprout.

Finn got a bath, which always takes longer than I think. These days it's really a squeeze to fit in a little play, lunch and a bath between naps. Which is why we do *not* do it every day.

The bonus is that while Finn splashed about I managed to fold a whole load of whites and hang another load of cloth diapers. Reminder to self: the purchase of an old english style from the ceiling drying rack is getting more urgent. Finn splashes about so much in his little bath it would be really handy to mop when he is done without all the drying racks standing in the way.

I ironed at least 6 pieces of clothing, something for everyone in the family.

We had an amazing lunch, leftovers from the previous night's dinner .. it involved a favorite for everyone. Butternut squash for Finn, quinoa for me and spinach for papa with a liberal heap of garlic and leeks to boot. Yes all in one dish. It was Delicious, with a capital D. I'll try to write it down .. man, that's the 3rd thing I want to tell you about kitchen-wise. Must get going on that too.

I ended the day purely in my element ... teaching a class, 
the first in over a year, or maybe even two. 

The first in this house. 
It was fun and wonderful. 
My students are the best!!

It's also one of my best classes, some of you know it 
and love it as much as I do. 

Think old-school with modern tools. 
The ins and outs, whys and what fors. 

Pearl's SKILLS
This photo taken of a few years ago of Pearl's blocks
during a discussion about colors and setting options.

Skills-building ... if you've taken this class I'd love if you'd leave a comment and tell us what you thought, learned and / or enjoyed about it. I'd be over the moon if you sent me a picture of your quilt!

Today wasn't much different. 

Although I feel a tad less accomplished, the weather was gorgeous and I did work in the garden while Finn napped. It's warmer than yesterday which makes me a little sad. 

I'm still hoping for snow. 
I was hoping to see / experience our first snow on This * Little * Farm. 

I was hoping Finn would see his first snow.

He's even dressed (to sleep) like a snowbaby 
and was having a sweet moment with Mr. Snowman ...


That said, I do remember that our worst/best/most snow last year 
was actually after he was born so maybe there is still hope.

Proof positive the sun is shining on This * Little * Farm

It's hard to imagine that we're coming up on a year ago already. 

Axel brought this basket of daffodils to the hospital last year when the boys were born. 

And now .. we're already into February, 
before the month is over 
will turn 1 year old.

I'm maybe a tad in denial. 
A tad sad. 
But ooooh so excited.

Today I took pics of him in his little bed, a beautiful antique loaned from a friend. He really outgrew it a while ago but I love it so much and since he isn't rolling we've stuck to it, but now it's really time.

The gorgeous quilt is a gift from our friend Lisa.


On the left Finn is 2-1/2 months old, on the right 8 months.

Hand projects in the evening are still mainly my Randjes per Week, but I might have to take a break and knit Finn another hat. We're kind of wondering if he's allergic to wool and that cute hat I made him. I would be sooo sad if his is ....
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  1. 'How big am I? This big!!!' Finn is such a sweetie and he looks great as a snowbaby! I'll keep my fingers crossed you get some snow!!


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