Thursday, January 2, 2014

So Many Questions

Ooooooh, where to start?

I am so anxious to create, make, DO something. 
I want to sew, paint, cook and work in the garden, but not clean. 
Never clean.

JPA Jan 2014

So, I have a question for you ...

Considering I hardly posted in 2013, 
what do you want to hear, see and read about?

I'll be honest that quilting time is severely limited.

Are you interested in all the other stuff that goes on around here?

Sewing for Finn?
Decorating our new home?
Setting up our farm?

I do occasionally blog a recipe in the little grey cookbook but haven't as often as I'd like. 
Even though I have tons of great recipes I'd love to share. 
Are pictures critical? 
Or do you trust my salutations / salivations?

Did you enjoy WAW ?
I miss it, but don't want to bore you to death. 
Would you participate?? 
I sure would find that inspiring!

Or just stick to quilting??
Nothing else .. whenever I can ..

Should I change the name of my blog?

Jovita's Patchwork Life ?
Jovita's Patchwork Puzzle ??

So many questions ...

I sure would love your input ...

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  1. Hi, this is Ellen from American Homestead. I would like see quilting and crafting when you can but I realize your time is now limited and it should not be a stressful thing for you. I would love to see what your home looks like and how you go about furnishing and decorating it. Do you have great markets near you to purchase antiques, for instance? Will you be gardening? Show us around the grounds. Lots of pictures please. Take Finn on field trips and show us the sights in your area. If you happen to see European folk art while you are out and about, decorative painting, embroidery, etc. ~ that would be of particular interest to me. I hope this helps! ~ Ellen

  2. My favorite thing to see of all is a project tutorial for something wonderful to make. I know that's a tall order, it means designing something, making it, photographing, and writing up directions! But honestly that is the biggest draw factor. But it's fun to see anything from you :). -Lettyb

  3. Pictures of your new place and that growing baby! I second the requests of Ellen's comments above.

  4. Finn and Axel are first of course. A new home is and what you do with it is always fun. Quilting projects don't need to be big or even finished. Just do something for yourself once in awhile to refresh your soul and let us hear from you.

  5. I loved WAW and photos of Finn and your new home are always welcome! Just blog what you enjoy blogging xx


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