Saturday, January 11, 2014

First Finish - Finn Approved

So happy to share a first finish for 2014 with you.

It's Finn's Christmas present, luckily he won't know it was a tad late due to a running out the door mistake (I'll explain in a minute).

If you've been following along on Facebook you'll have heard and / or seen a bit about this project.

It started with this gorgeous gift of a scarf from Finn's Onkel Rolf. I was already working on a new winter hat for him but quickly set it aside for this project. I already had all the right colors .. and more (yes, I'll confess .. in a minute). 


To make a long story short, it's a hat with many trials and errors, but in the end persistence triumphed and I honestly couldn't be happier. Finn wore it to the store tonight and was already getting compliments. As in he, the wearer. Not momma, the maker. But that's ok .. I was (maybe not so secretly) glowing with pride, and besides I know who made him ;) wink!!

I think my favorite part was the pompom. I was so excited to put Finn down for his nap yesterday. Lucky ducky momma me .. he's a dream at naptime and most bedtimes too. Give him a kiss, say g'night, tuck in him and he *sings* himself to sleep. Honestly the sweetest thing you've ever heard. One day I'll get it on tape. All this ... so momma has a few minutes (or TWO hours!!!) to do stuff. Like Make Pom Poms!! I did the math, it's been at least 30 years since I made a pompom. I seriously want to make more.

pompom prep
So .. I gathered all my supplies. And went to town. Just like I remember doing a few donkeys years ago ... my template? The outer measurement the base of a water glass, the inner a large sewing machine bobbin. Done. No compass. No hunting. Just Making a Pompom!!

If you've never made on and / or need a few tips. Google it. There are a lot of people out there who are willing to show you how to make one. I think the most important trick is to wrap and wrap and wrap to fill up that inner hole as much as possible. Then cut between your two layers of cardboard. I know scarey. Just use sharp scissors and go slow. See why I waited until Finn was in bed. Then thread your doubled-thread through and pull very very tight. Voilá!! Last but not least trim to your heart's desire.

I am pleased to report that this pompom was Finn approved.

pompom scrutiny

Nurturing a Critic

hmmm, oh. yes . that confession.

Ugh .. this happened. And I almost left it. 

But then we went for a walk. 

In daylight.

Finn's Ooops Hat

Lesson learned .. before running out the door to spend Finn's first Christmas with friends and family in Germany. Check, double check, re-check your double check and check again that you have the right ball of almost white yarn. You know. The one that is the same as you started with. 

But still, he's adorable, right?
And that scarf!
 He is one very lucky.
Very spoiled. Boy. Indeed.
Thanks again Onkel Rolf, kisses from Finn

And with that I say goodnight. 

And hope that our little friends aren't running fevers tomorrow because we've scheduled our first ever get-together with friends from the NICU. 

At our house. 
On this * little * farm. 
After such a long time.

xox J

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  1. The hat is adorable but not as adorable as your little guy (who, btw, is looking like quite a big guy). Yes, post a recording of the singing!

  2. Beautiful, the hat and the boy! He is gorgeous!
    Leg deze muts eens naast die van maart 2013? Prachtig toch!


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