Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Let it be Peppermint

At least let it be peppermint. 
If you're going to spill tea that is. 

Let it be peppermint.

Yep, all over the end table, between things and on things.

A whole cup. At least it was peppermint.

closeup mini sampler

The mess is cleaned up. And I'm about to boil the kettle and try again. 
But I thought I'd stop by and say a really quick Hello.

Finn is sleeping. 
For the next few minutes at least. 

He's teething. 
So we never know. 

Two more teeth are about to break through. 
Any day now. 

For a total of 6 .. in just a few weeks. 
Momma's tired.

Momma was already tired yesterday.

Then she called the vet.
To talk about our dog. 
It's time to make some decisions. 
Not easy ones.
After the heavy conversation. 
While Finn was sleeping. 
I walked down to the mail box.

There was a card ... telling us that another of 
Axel's college friends had passed away.

During the holidays. 
Just shy of the new year.

So I sat down and buried my head and my sorrow in a bit of stitchery.
Axel came home, we had dinner, Finn was in bed by 7 but there were taxes to do.
Then I stayed up stitching, until the wee hours ... 
ooooh is this the only time mommas get for quiet time and stitching?? 
Please tell me it's not true.

Because ...

mini sampler

... a mini version of this project was just the ticket. 

One strand of DMC 792 stitched over one thread of 28 count 100% linen band that is 2-1/2" wide. I doubt I'll do the entire project, just pick and choose as I go. I'm already not fond of that last row but I'm too stubborn to pick it out.

It fit the bill though. I sat down and stitched. It takes a lot of concentration and/but with every stitch I thought about a lot of things.

There are still decisions to be made about Whisper, but Axel leaves early tomorrow morning by train to attend our friend's funeral in Germany. It would be too hard and long of a drive for Finn so he is going on behalf of all of us. He'll meet up with other college friends and be with them.

I had planned to tell you about our last week of Sundays and visitors and good intentions but that will have to wait. Maybe I'll catch a few minutes to write while papa is away and Finn is sleeping. But maybe not, this momma needs to sleep too. While papa is away this momma plans to sleep when Finn does. Even if the stitching, and the cleaning, blogging and reading have to wait. We'll eat and sleep and hopefully go shopping, since we have the car (yipppeeee!)

In the meantime, hopefully another peppermint tea is involved in my evening. And some quiet time with Axel. And of course some stitching. In the corner, next to where I spilled my tea this morning.

At least it was peppermint and it smells nice.

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. And about Whisper. I hope Finn slept for longer than expected so you could get some sewing time!


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