Friday, March 23, 2012

When there are no words ...

Janine said to me she "had no words, so she made me a quilt" but with it came a beautiful letter. I knew it was coming because she had mentioned it on her blog. But still, when the quilt arrived tears fell. My husband got choked up reading the letter. You can see close-up pictures of the quilt here.

Beautiful ... the quilt, her friendship, her words.

Thank you Janine! Thank you!

The next day I was surprised again when the doorbell rang and a delivery man was standing behind these. 

They are from dear friends of ours. Being tulips, they have exploded. It's been amazing to watch. They were so tight, short and small when they arrived. I waited a day to take the pics because I knew they would open up more. They've since grown a few more inches and have really relaxed - I love it!
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  1. Een leuk boeket en een prachtige quilt het doet me zo'n deugd te zien hoe ieder op zijn manier zijn hand uitreikt om jullie te troosten bij deze eerste lentezon.

  2. Just gorgeous! And the pictures you take are totally professional quality. You guys are loved, no doubt about it! <3

  3. Good thing you answered the door for your flowers! Did you want to put a note that if you aren't there, stuff can be dropped at my place?


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