Monday, July 16, 2012

One Lady's Shoes

How many shoes do you wear?

Hats are one thing .. but how about shoes?

How many different paths do you chase at the same time?

I find one hat can and will fit many situations / celebrations. But shoes ... well not only should they match the outfit but they have to be suitable for the occatsion. Walking, running, hiking, climbing, dancing and you need just the right ones to easily kick off and bury your feet in the sand.

There was a lot of sand during our vacation. 
And not of the beach variety. 
More like it rained buckets and buckets and with two cats, 
a dog and a husband trekking in and out ... 
my house has a fine layer of sand all over it.

Speaking of  "vacation" - our's was "interesting." 
I'll explain more later because right now

I'm  Just Not Sure

... how I feel about our staycation this year
... what I should do next
... what to tell you
... how to prioritize
... what shoes (or hat) I want to wear today
... when the shop will open again
... how I feel about a lot of things

I wanted to come back from this two week break rejuvenated. Ready to reschedule, prioritize and tackle a bunch of things. Instead ... I have yet to make a list. I've jotted down a thing or two but that just results in another 100 tangents.

My mind is racing with creative ideas 
hampered by a list of jobs around the house that need doing.

I want to be "working" ... 
designing and selling ideas and fabric.


The fun little wool applique shoe you see above? It's a new design. Drawn up on a whim during a whirlwind ... Heidi and I are partnering in a quilt plan. It's been fun and crazy. We've gone through sevvvvvvveral drafts. We're not done, but almost I think. Then the fun will really begin. Kits, classes, mysteries abound in the reveal of this project. I hope we've piqued your interest!

In the meantime ...

  • My laundry pile is the size of Mt. Rainier ...
  • The living room alcove needs another coat of paint before Axel can mount the curtain rods ...
  • then I need to sew curtains.
  • The window frame in his office needs a quick rub of varnish so I can mount his blinds.
  • The kitchen floor needs a really good mop ... and then a sealant applied. Read, remove all furniture first! While I'm at it ... repaint two cupboards and buffet to match. This constant rain is not helping.
  • The bathroom we started renovating May 2011? Yep, didn't do a darn thing on it during our staycation ... that darn sinus surgery was a lot more than I bargained for and really knocked me for a loop. 

So I'm whining instead. I really hope you don't mind. 
But I needed a whine. 
I need some encouragement and redirection.

I need to get my ducks in a row. 

I need to be ready.

* And this folks is what happens when there are so many ideas in your head that they come out a complete and terrible mess. Tossed in a bucket, mixed up and dumped out ... sorry about the mess but I'll try to clean it up as we go along. There's so much to show and tell again that I really don't know where to start ... I guess first ... one step at a time. *

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  1. I for one am so glad to see you back.....your little tidbits always brighten my day. We here in NE Washington state have had the same kind of rainy weather which is why you haven't received a pix from me of our new flower garden named in your honor. Your shoe pix looks fun. As with life always, we can never do more than take it one day at a best to you.

  2. Maybe you should 1or 2 work plans. When they are done you can do fun things. That gives you a good feeling physically and mentally.


  3. Looking forward to seeing more of this brainstorming, and creative whirlwind.


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