Monday, July 23, 2012


I don't have Instagram, don't get it, don't need it. 
But I can still show you a pic of our most awesome home-made pizza ever.

homemade pizza

I can also tell you that I am feeling much better about our pretty much crappy staycation - made possible by an unexpected three day weekend.

Summer finally arrived and we're getting things done around the house.

It feels good.

Yes, I know there's no instant happy. But after feeling really crummy post-surgery and entirely blazé during our staycation, things are looking up. And tonight I'm a happy girl.

On Saturday I baked date & nut scones (sorry, no pics but they were also amazing) and there was enough for a sweet little afternoon tea each day. We capped off tonight by enjoying our pizza in the garden - in fact nearly meal was enjoyed in the garden 
- even breakfasts!

I always took my handwork along so managed a bit of stitching while Axel played with the dog. Unfortunately most of what I've been working on is a mystery. Although a few new ideas and blocks were added to this project - Legacy - pieced entirely by hand!


I've been busy painting cabinets for the kitchen and Axel has been doing various odd jobs around the house. This is on top of all the things we accomplished our first week back after the notoriously not-so successful staycation. 
Don't worry, we're not so bummed that we won't try it again - next July.

Oh and we did make it on two outings during our Staycation!

Again to Lille (France) where we stocked up on all kind of French goodies after enjoying a wonderful Moroccan meal for lunch! And I got to visit my favorite yarn shop and a wonderful little quilt shop. 
It's still on of our favorite places to visit. I could take pictures of the windows, chipping paint and of my favorite blues, greens and reds all day.

windows in Lille (France)

We also popped up to the appropriately named Axel (The Netherlands) and had the mussels of my life at "The Arms of Axel" (as in weapons / arms). Honestly these mussels were the best ever! I am still dreaming about those mussels. We also stocked up on Dutch goodies (spices, raisin bread and haha, mexican food ingredients) and then ordered a big huge bike for my amazing 6'8" husband, Axel.

Hehe, I just realized it's Monday ... it feels like Sunday still.

Next weekend will be here before I know it!

And there's more to do ... before friends arrive from Seattle.

We . can . hardly . wait!

It's been 3+ years since I was over there and she's bringing goodies!

More soon ... it's a busy week ahead ...

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  1. I have just found your blog, love it, love it, love it.....I signed up for the emails, before I realized you had a link so I could put your blog on my home page, now I can see instantly when you post...yay abayas for me.....

  2. that pizza DOES look amazing. gourmet magazine awesome. hope you'll invite me for dinner someday awesome! : ) love your blog!

    xoxox Sara@Jane's Addicted.


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