Sunday, July 29, 2012

Not Working

I try not to work on the weekends.

Easier said than done .. especially when your job is also your hobby 
and what you love to do.

binding ... or NOT!

I'm working ... but it's not "working."

It's the weekend and my general rule is that on the weekends I don't work. 
But, family time permitting, I am allowed to PLAY ... try out new ideas, 
make a mess and so on ...

So remember this project I started in a moment of madness one crazy weekend not so long ago? Well because it was one of those "I really shouldn't be doing this" projects I've not allowed myself to "work" on it during the week. My weeks are full enough of work and the weeks are never long enough to get all my work done ...

But this weekend since Axel was actually working (he's picked up some extra jobs doing translation) so I pulled it out and went to town. I'd love to have it done for my open house this Friday but ... well, I'm going to do my best ... evenings only though because this week really is full of tons of work-related stuff!

So here are some fun pics of this project progressing ... I hope you enjoy!


The initial string was sewn while Axel was in the shower one Saturday morning ... 
I turned the blades watching TV that night. 
On Sunday he took a nap so I sewed like a demon and constructed the plates.

pennants now plates

And went to my neighbour's because he has the most loveliest green grass ever. Piecing the background is a blur ... but the applique happened anywhere I had five minutes. The doctor's waiting room, a few minutes in the evening, waiting for Axel's train to come in.

I finally got around to basting and machine quilting around the dresdens yesterday. Then knotted and pulled in all the pesky tails before I tackled the little pink dots - 12 of them ... some got cut in half or quarters (in the corners).

Summer Dresdens

And since Axel was working today I got to sit in the garden and play! 
Stitching around the dresdens and dots with 3 strands of hand-dyed floss.

summer stitching

So it's clearly a work in progress .. although I'm doing my best to get as much done 
before Friday's open house.

the whole thing!

Kits are in the works.

So I'm "not working" ... haha, which explains the brain fart ... 
when I cut that binding MUCH too narrow. URGH!

You see ... I've been "working" on another secret project that involves a few bias stems ... cut ... yep ... 1" wide. Guess how wide I cut that lovely green goodness up there. Geesh - I guess I see some funky green stems in my future cuz I sure can't let it go to waste!

So tomorrow I'm off ... on a long drive ... to work with Heidi on our collaboration that I haven't really told you about. Soon, I promise. It's a busy week of work ahead!

And stitching! So much to show. So much to share. I hope you can stop by during the OPEN HOUSE!

Yeh, I know ... some of you just can't ... at least not physically 
so I'll share as much as possible virtually. 

Stay tuned!

xox Jovita

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  1. This is just lovely:-) those dresdens glow!

  2. I love your dresdens and your quilting stitches around them! Wonderful! Do you, would you ship kits to the USA?

  3. Your dresdens are adorable! Love them hanging on the line, and also love the quilting stitches!


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