Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Quilt Happenings - a weekend update

Wow, what a great way to spend a Saturday. My darling husband chauffeured me to a sweet little quilt shop in Brielle, Netherlands. 't Atelier Quiltgebeuren (update: this shop has since closed) had invited me to their Bloggerday to show my GOT DOTS quilt and demonstrate how I make my even little dots. Little did I know what a wonderful adventure it would be ...

Bloggerdag at 't Atelier Quilt Gebeuren
L-R: Heidi, Ingeborg & her daughter.
't Atelier Quilt Gebeuren
Sweet, sweet shop! 't Atelier Quiltgebeuren
The shop is owned by mother and daughter-in-law team Willy and Janine. A lovely pair of amazing ladies ... I coulda shoulda taken more pictures but I was much to busy "babbeling" (nattering) with the their customers and a number of new-to-me friends. Janine blogs regularly so you should stop by and check out her beautiful work. She also offers a long-arm quilting service through the shop.

One of the first ladies to greet me was Heidi ... haha, Heidi ... seriously if I could convey the feeling I have every time I think about the weekend. We laughed, compared coasts, threw some punches - literally and laughed some more. It turns out Heidi is from New York ... most of you know I'm from Seattle ... the other ladies got a bit of a kick out of our (feigned) rivalry. Heidi blogs too Between Stitches ... her weekend report is here.

Also on hand was Jeanneke of Building Houses from Scraps fame. I'm sure I caught a few flies (or a couple of handfuls) when she said she's only been quilting 4-5 years! Pop over here and scroll down to the first pic - those are her quilts! Ok, I really must photograph all my finished quilts .. surely I have more than the five I manage to count when everyone asks me how many, how long, etc.

Els was lovely, snapping a funny pic of Heidi and I and writing a sweet description of us. Sadly it's in Nederlands but try google translator ... you'll probably still get the gist. AND she's got some fabulous pictures of the shop and classroom - yep, all those I didn't take.

Els' caption made me giggle "Hey Apple, what's up Seattle?"
Oh, and those quilts behind us are all from Jeanneke!
But I'm hoping to go back ... they're already talking about a visit to Kalken. I'm looking forward to another wonderful exchange of ideas and friendship.

So here's a recap of links you should definitely check out!
Heidi - Between Stitches
Els' Blog

There were so many wonderful ladies ... I wish I could have met them all personally and chatted longer but there was so much to see!  >> If any of you were there and you have a blog .. be sure to let me know I'd be very happy to link you in!

Ingeborg - Quiltswaen

As for me and my babes ... we slept like logs last night to make up for the 4 hours we managed the night before. So today I have the energy of a hundred. First up - taxes. Then the tutorial for Block 1 of our new Morning Star, Morning Bright Block of the Month. Pin It Now!


  1. Hey Jovita,

    Wat een verrassing, zie ik mijzelf op jou blog, samen met mijn dochter, LEUK!! Kom je ook een keer langs op mijn blog?! Jou heb ik ook al toegevoegd! Bedankt voor alle tips zaterdag, het was erg gezellig! Mag ik de foto ook op mijn blog zetten van jou?

    1. Zeker mag je het foto op jou blog zetten. Ik zal normal eerst vragen op ik mag het op mijn ... maar ik heb jou naam niet gekant. Maar nu wel - je blog is erg leuk en jou dochterje een zoeteke - yipppeeee - nog een quiltster in het maken!

  2. Geeft niets hoor! Echt een hele leuke foto, ik ga hem gelijk plaatsen!! Bedankt voor de reclame!! Jij hebt ook een gezellige blog, hoop je gauw weer eens te ontmoeten!

  3. That day was just too much fun Jovita! It really was a pleasure to meet you, and to learn from you! Such days make you happy to be a quilter, no?


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