Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Make Mine a Double Please!

Oh, it will feel so good to get caught up. There are some very niggling niggling things on my list that are driving me crazy ... but when you take off as much time as I did and just "hang out on the sofa" (doctor's orders) well, then some things are just likely to slide, right?

Make Mine a DOUBLE PleaseWell one thing I got right last week was to get my block designed, sewn and the instructions written for Konda's Fat Quarter Star Quilt Along which debuted today at Moose on the Porch. And guess what? Yep, it works perfectly with our very own Morning Star, Morning Bright Block of the Month. So you really should scoot on over there and check it out. You might not be ready to make the block but you can print out the pattern and put it in your Morning Star, Morning Bright BOM folder.

Oh, and while you're there check out Block One designed by Konda herself ... it fits right into our theme too!

block 1 tuteI did work very hard today on getting the tutorial done for Block One of Morning Star, Morning Bright but not quite hard enough to meet the deadline (ie. my hubby coming home and wanting dinner ... me too - I'm starving!)  But I did take a bunch of pictures, so here's a sneak peak and I promise to give you all the details tomorrow.

 So I'm off to the kitchen ... fresh salmon and sautéed brussel sprouts with cashew nuts tonight - I'm on a serious fish kick right now!  Yummmmeeeee!!!
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  1. Ok, I'm lost. It say's this is block nine? I only have no. 1 -- or is this block nine from the FQS bom.and block 2 for MSMB?
    I haven't been able to join along yet, but am hoping to be able to start in Feb.

    1. It is block 9 for the FQ Star quilt along. I didn't want you to miss it because it goes so well with our plans :) So technically we just have one block so far ... I'll might put together a little list of links for our blocks plus ones that I find around the net that coordinate.

  2. Great block! Can't wait to get my 9th block done for the FQ Star QAL!

  3. Oh, I do like that one, and I'm not doing the other group of stars, so I think I will just put this right in the file with Morning Star!

  4. Yours was my favorite from the QAL by far! I may make a whole quilt of it!


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