Thursday, January 12, 2012

Morning Star, Morning Bright

I haven't been sleeping well lately ... one of those crazy prego things that I'm just learning to deal with ... I crash and then am suddenly awake in the wee hours ... hence the name of a new Quilt Along!

So ... does this intrigue?

Red, White & Black
The block on the right is Block 1 from the Fat Quarter Star Quilt Along by Moose on the Porch Quilts.  The other two are just two of many many many for the Morning Star, Morning Bright Quilt Along.
This all started because right around the time I  signed up to design a block for Konda's Fat Quart Quilt Along we found out I was pregnant ... and boy, oh boy, the combination of the two. New ideas, hormones, stars, new ideas, more hormones - you get the picture right ? ... I couldn't sleep! So I got up and sketched about 20 different stars.  But she only needed one ... eleven other designers were taking care of the rest. 

But now my brain was abuzz and I couldn't stop so I thought why not? Let's do a Quilt Along here ... no major rules, a bit of unknown but fun fun fun ... are you in?

Here's what I know so far ...
  • ALL the blocks will finish 12" square (many of you know that's HUGE for me but trust me .. it's going to work AND be gorgeous!)
  • All the stars represented are variations of the "Morning Star" - that block you see in the middle
  • It takes 54 blocks to make a twin quilt with no sashing or borders, 72 for a queen and 90 for a king.
  • I will be posting at least one block or variation every single month. I promise. Sometimes there will be more! 
  • It will be fun
What I don't know ...
  • Exactly how much fabric we will need ... I started with a pile of reds and whites then threw in a few blacks and I'll see how far it takes me.  I'm guessing though that if you had 3 yards of one color group and 3 of another you'd get pretty darn far.
  • If you want a button to go on your blog? Yes? No? ... let me know!

So ... tomorrow I'll share the cutting directions for that great big gorgeous block in the middle and you should mark your calendar for January 17th to check out Konda's Fat Quarter Star Quilt Along at Moose on the Porch Quilts because the block I designed for her works perfectly here too!

And then start throwing questions at me ... what else do you need to know?
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  1. Exciting! Think I'll play along, it sounds like fun. Just remember to rest!

  2. I love stars!! They are my weakness.

    I will follow along and save the instructions even if I don't get to sew along. I do want a button to post on my blog so I can tell my followers where the fun begins. I can just post the picture of your stars above and make it smaller and link to your blog.

  3. Yes, please provide a button. I"m going to put one on my blog. This looks like a lot of fun. love star! : )

    1. I'll be posting a button soon and will let you know :)

  4. Hi jovita, yes i might try and keep up and give this a go , sounds like fun! I am doing konda's fqsqa too...i'm finding it hard to catch up since xmas. congratulations on your twins too! twice the fun! sue~nz

  5. Gee how fun, yes it is the prego thing,,been there too many times to see it coming in you just don't over do as your nesting will start taking over and then oh boy,,I look forward to your ideas and I have just the material all ready cut and no following I will use it for this block, thank you,,Just take care of you FIRST! OK!? jeanne


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