Monday, August 1, 2011

It's a Wrap

Officially our vacation / staycation is over and Axel went back to work this morning. It was tough, but I crawled myself out of bed, drug my bod downstairs and had breakfast with him. It was nearly noon and two iced coffees later before I woke up enough to climb back upstairs and shower.

What a vacation! I can't remember when I had a better time .. and I know when the last time I was this tired .. but geeez, shouldn't I be rested and raring to go after two weeks of bliss. Not likely! I think this might be the most action packed vacation on record!

Just a bit of as much as I can remember :
  • went exploring 2 days
  • made two bracelet / cuffs 
  • enjoyed a few meals in the garden
  • watched a few movies
  • made buckets of iced coffee
  • finished 3/4 of our bathroom renovation 
  • knit a new shawl
  • got ready for a big garden party
  • built a picket fence

And laughed our silly heads off about the amount of pouring rain we got and were grateful we hadn't tried to go away ... who wants to be stuck in an over-priced hotel room with a bed that's too short for your 6'8" (203cm) husband when it's raining? Not me!!

But best of all during the entire Staycation I enjoyed every minute of watching my husband relax, smile and laugh.

hubby and I

There is more ... lots more ... photos, projects and ideas to share .. but this is as far as I could get it together. Off to grab another mug of iced coffee and hang out in our warm, sunny, tidy garden.

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  1. Very cute photo! You both look so happy!!

  2. Glad you had a good time! My goodness, I'm always amazed when I hear of people (who are not professional athletes) as tall or taller than my husband. He's 6'6". One of his biggest adventures was when he was admitted to the hospital, many years ago, and they actually had to create an extension on the hospital bed with a piece of plywood & a cushion.


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