Sunday, July 17, 2011


Axel and I have only ever gone on ONE real "vacation" it was 5 days into the eastern part of Germany. I loved it, we loved it ... I have some great pictures of this trip. It was moons ago, 6-1/2 years ago. It was a very stressful job due to a bunch of stuff going on in the shop and lack of available internet connections to put me at ease. I want to go back and this time enjoy every minute. And we did think about it, and we thought about the Ardennes, but then we re-thunk it all and decided this year a "Staycation" was our best option.

First, there's the dog to think about, then the whole problem I have with paying for a bed in July when *everyone* else is also on holiday and willing to pay top dollar when I have a perfectly good bed at home, and lots of little jobs we want to get done and and and ... so this year we're staying home and so far we're loving it!

We've got this plan, a 3-day rotation plan. One day we do whatever we want, one day we hit the road and go exploring (and have a nice meal out) and the 3rd day we work on projects around the house and garden.

Yesterday was our "do what we want." So first I made a set of reversible cocktail napkins and then I was browsing Pinterest .. seriously .. if you love to find quick and easy inspiration, this is the place!



First I saw this, which got me curious so I found this and then this. So I plunked myself on the sofa yesterday and made this ...

But who can stop at one? So now this one is in the works. Oh, and I did a bit of tidying too and found the sweet little girl on the way ... just one of many little wooden things we bought on that trip to eastern Germany.


If you'd like to see more of our trip feel free to browse this little slide show I put together. It includes pictures of our first buying trip to find indigos and the process involved in creating them. Pin It Now!


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