Friday, August 26, 2011

The Tense and Waiting Game

tense momentsI saw this and knew I needed one too. It was harder than I thought but I'm glad I persevered.

It would have helped if the pattern correction had been included with the kit .. instead of me fighting with at 3am during a sleepless night.

I'm hoping it will dry by tomorrow so I can take it along to a friend's 50th birthday bash (outside) ... the evening will likely be cold because ...

it's autumn here ... although you won't find me complaining. It means I can dip into my shawls and sweaters and starting making random piles of pumpkins. Bought some today! Everything feels early. I snapped this picture after my purchase today.

early pumpkins Pin It Now!


  1. Oh, wow, how talented are you?! It's simply gorgeous!!

  2. gorgeous!!
    Love the color and pattern.
    Your pumpkins are so cheery and cute

  3. Just beautiful! I also love the photo of the pumpkins. My favourite time of the year, just around the corner. :)


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