Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Design Process .1.

Step One - inspiration and idea sketching

I'm working on an idea for my swap with Mary.  It's supposed to be done by July 1st .. hmmm, I think I may be a few days late .. but I think I'm on to something good!

designing for mary

Here's the task:
  • anything with a bird theme or circles
  • beachy colors: pale blues, seafoam green, biege OR reds, yellows, greens
  • includes appliqué or embroidery
  • 8"x10" or smaller
ok .. fabric selection .. I tended immediately towards the "beachy" feel and I'll show that later, but I also knew I'd be embroidering or appliquéing birds and nests .. they are definitely an obsession of mine right now.

embroidery / appliqué ideas

  • nest
  • cage
  • tree / topiary
  • bird - duh!
  • polka dots - not sure why ..
  • leaves .. think spring
  • musical note - for song!
  • .. and something i can't read .. hmm ... what was that
  • maybe a branch with cherry blossoms

... we'll see what happens tonight. Pin It Now!


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