Thursday, June 23, 2011

Design Process .2.

Choosing Fabrics & letting them influence design

So we left off this new project design with a few ideas ... I had sketched a couple of motifs I wanted to include and decided on a color scheme .. it was off to the stash to see what I could find with Mary's remit of "beachy colors: pale blues, seafoam green, biege"

design process process .2.I was able to narrow it down to this 9 ... or maybe 10 ...

and was planning to keep it a very simple patched background with motifs on each rectangle ... a quick math calculation indicated that finished rectangles of 2" x 2-3/4" should be about right .. and keep me inside our goal of 8" x 10".

With a few snips of various fabrics for each motif and with my sketches in hand, I headed upstairs for the evening  to see where this would lead. Boy oh boy .. never try to watch TV and design at the same time ... my poor husband has the patience of an angel. In the future I'll keep the designing to my office although I can applique quite adeptly while "watching" television.
Design Process .2.
My rectangles were throwing me a few good "problems"
  • the egg was easy to applique
  • the cage - hmmm, not sure I care for the proportion
  • I loved the bird shape but wow, it'd be really small if to 2" x 2-3/4" finished rectangles
  • and that branch ... how was I going to portray that well in a vertical space.  
It looks like this calls for a bit more re-designing to do .. but I'm feeling good about where this is going! Pin It Now!

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  1. Love reading about the design process. Very interesting as I have something in my head about having to do my own designs. Still in my head though and now you are showing me the process thanks for sharing.


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